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As breaking and entering. I decided the final tier force and tier five missions were hard enough that I wanted to cover them in separate articles alongside having covered them in the full guides, and this one just so happens to be the most difficult of all of the tier 4 missions. All right This guy is going to be a three-parter.

Part one is asking you to travel to the sewer under the Albert Fortress; you need to go to Albany. Fortress Underground, or Obager Underground, is going to require a key for you to do so, so now, before you even go to all of Bugger Underground and before you even worry about having a key. I definitely recommend making sure you have a three-plate or medium backpack.

You can choose to loot around the map in order to hopefully get your hands on one, or you can take the easiest route, which would be to just save up $30, 000 and go and find the buy station or shop during the run that you were in that has the Albaga or Fortress key. I think it takes you a little while to actually acquire the key; it might be worth actually X-filling and then jumping back in for a fresh run to go and hit the actual location, so once you get your hands on the key, part one is pretty much done, but again, don't forget to stock up on those plates and anything that you might need going to this place.

black mous mission guide dmz

Part two is going to ask you to reroute the seven security devices in under four minutes to unlock the system architecture. Container Now there's a container in the water in the centralized location in the al-Bagri underground, and this is what this container is going to be, but you essentially need to unlock it first, which is going to have you rerouting those seven security devices.

Now these devices are actually little electrical boxes that are on the walls in the underground, and they will have a small black circle that will indicate that you can interact with them now. I believe the four-minute countdown starts the moment you go underground, so you're going to want to move quickly when doing this.

black mous tier 4

When you get to the first open room, you're going to want to eliminate the opponents as quickly as possible, and then directly on your left will be the first location. The best way to go about going for these is to get the first one in that first room and then continue traveling. At any time, you could take a left turn, take that left turn, find your little security device, activate it, and just continue until you get all the way around the circle once.

Once you've hit the final one, it will actually unlock that container that's in the water spot in the center. You'll go into the water and actually grab. Or open up that container now. In that container is a very important item that is important for the last and final part of this mission. Now.

I will say that this place can be pretty hot, so if you don't continuously move, enemies will keep coming, and it'll make it really hard to do this, so you're going to want to just get the enemies out of the way, hit. The electrical box, or security device, as I should say then, keeps following that path left anytime you take that left turn and get your electrical boxes.

black mous tier 4 dmz

I counted the boxes out as I was going through just to make sure I hit all of them. But once you hit all those boxes and go inside the container, this part will obviously be completed, and now part three is asking to loot and extract the system architecture and documentation. Now, this documentation is actually found in the container that you unlock in Part 2, so once you actually dive in there and open the container, you should get these documents.

Just make sure you don't leave them behind. Now the hard part here is actually going to be escaping and then actually extracting with this without dying, because obviously if you die you have to go through this entire process again, and getting a hold of one of those keys can be kind of a pain. Getting yourself back up can be kind of a pain, so you're just going to want to avoid that at all costs unless you get really lucky in your run and the extract would be right outside the underground location.

black mous tier 4 mission guide

I wasn't lucky enough to have that happen in my run that I was successful run, so I had to travel quite a ways to get to an extra fill. Now there are a couple different options you have for a final X-bill. You can choose to go for a rescue hostage contract, which will allow you to escape the map pretty much under the radar, or you can wait to go to that final x-fill if you want to kind of play it safe.

Look for those hunt squad contracts as the final circle is kind of pushing out; if you do see one of them, that means there will be somebody meeting you at that final x-fill, and if there is no one located on the map via these contracts being there, basically you are free to go and just kind of waiting through the X Bill to take off.

Hopefully, these tips and tricks or this article in general will help you along your journey, but that's going to wrap things up for us here.

Breaking And Entering Tier 4 Black Mous Mission Guide For Warzone 2. 0 DMZ DMZ Tips Tricks. This video is a quick guide for the final mission of tier 4 for the black mous faction. I figure the final missions for the last 2 tiers are bit more challenging so covering them in there own videos outside the full guides would be helpful.
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