News - Caved Tier 4 White Lotus Mission Guide For Warzone 2. 0 Dmz (dmz Tips & Tricks)

caved in mission guide dmz

All right, without further ado, let's go ahead and dive right into it now before you actually go for the caved admission itself once. You get into our infill I definitely recommend, if you do not have three or two plates, that you guys loot around and grab those medium or large backpacks. These specific types of missions, because you don't want to die and have to do these things all over, just kind of get a little bit more frustrating, so definitely spend some time getting yourself some plates and gearing yourself up a little bit; that way, it'll be a lot easier now that part one is asking for you to enter the Riverside Caves and Satik Caves by boat now that the caves are in that Center River.

I will, of course, show you guys the location on the map. The second part of this is asking you to loot and extract the smuggling records in the Riverside Caves and Citique Caves. Now, before you actually go for Part 2, which is pretty straightforward, you're just going to be locating those specific records and picking them up on the ground once you go to the actual caves, but there's something you're going to need before you even go to the cave, so I definitely recommend going and doing the destroy supplies contract.

The best place to find these, at least in my experience, was by looking through the safes, but I definitely recommend taking that route by completing that destroyed supplies contract, then going and hitting as many safes as possible, hopefully. You guys will get it in the first two or three safes that you look in, maybe.

caved in white lotus mission guide

Once I was actually able to get my hands on the sensitive documents, I got them within the first one or two safes that I looked in during that match. Once you have the sensitive documents, you can actually go and revisit Part 2, which again asks you to loot and extract the smuggling records in the Riverside Caves in the City Caves.

is actually important to do, and obviously if you guys are unable to find them, there's not going to be any point in making your way towards the city caves in that run, and if you want to just kind of walk around and read, go for it again and hope that you get that luck by finding those sensitive documents.

Once you have the sensitive documents, you can basically tell. Once you go into the actual cave itself, there are some AIs here, but they aren't super overwhelming and should be pretty easy to clear out. In a little building, you'll find the smuggling records on the ground. You'll just pick these guys up, and then you'll see an "interact" option for you to actually place those sensitive documents down.


You'll put those guys down, but you won't be out of the woods yet. You will obviously have to find your closest X-fill and then exfil safely if you want to know the safest way to X-fill safely. If you guys don't see these, then you know you're the only one left, and typically on those final X-fills, that will be the case.

Hopefully, with some of these tips, it will make it a little bit easier for you. I guess for all the support in today's article and all the support on the channel, I look forward to seeing y'all in the next

Caved In Tier 4 White Lotus Mission Guide For Warzone 2. 0 DMZ DMZ Tips Tricks. In this video I'm bringing you a mission guide for the white lotus tier 4 mission caved in which was originally bugged before season 1 reloaded. Thank you all for the support and I look forward to seeing you in the next one.
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