News - Defeat All Bosses Fast - Easy Guide Operation Nightmare (dmz. Warzone Haunting Event)

How to investigate evil spirits (quarry, city, fortress, airport)

How to investigate evil spirits (quarry, city, fortress, airport)

This is an easy and fast guide for the Haunting event operation nightmare that is currently in the war zone and DMZ. Now you can do these challenges in any of the war zone and DMZ modes as long as it is the almazar night map, so I'm going to show you which mode to do and which challenges to do.

The easiest one to do in the war zone is the jump scare challenge, which is basically going to four different locations. You just need to be jump-scared; it won't show up in the game as you're doing it, but you're going to get a different jump scare for each area of the map that you visit, and then that challenge will be completed, so it won't pop each time you do one of the challenges for one of the locations.

Only when you've done the four challenges will the evil spirits be released.

Capture the heart from the safe ghost train

Now for the train, you basically have to land in the middle of it and start to head to the front of the train, but be careful, there's two sentry guns. You've got to watch out for those two sentry guns. Take the two sentry guns out because they will absolutely, annihilate you and also watch for enemy operators coming in from behind because that is really tricky too once you get to the front of the train you'll see a load of locked chests now that is the heat resistant key they will open it you'll just get a load of good loot out of those but you'll want to work your way right to the front of the train open the safe, and then what will happen is you'll get a jump scare and then the lock it the heart will appear at the top you'll want to pick that up and it will complete for you and you only the rest of the party will have to do it themselves, in another game or when it respawns in the same game now all these bosses do respawn, over the course of the map so you might be able to do them later in the game once they respawn.

Destroy the ufo and deliver artifact to the portal

Destroy the ufo and deliver artifact to the portal

Now for the UFO it's really simple you just have to shoot the big orb it's going to split into three smaller orbs, then you're going to have to shoot each one of those now those do fire at you and they are pretty deadly, if you pay attention you will actually be able to see if they're firing other players nearby and that will let you know if there's other operators that you need to deal with before you start to deal with the orbs then you'll want to keep firing on all the orbs once all three are destroyed the UFO is going to spawn in now the UFO takes lots and lots of damage so make sure you absolutely Pummel away at the UFO, and then it's going to drop a little artifact you're going to have to pick the artifact up and you're going to have to carry it to a special portal now once you're carrying the artifact, you won't be able to pick up any weapons you'll just have your artifact in the hands you will be able to swim and you will be able to climb and jump across things so it is pretty straightforward.

To get it to the portal, just be careful, and again, we did this one in DMZ, not in War Zone, because there's a few fewer players, it's a little bit easier to get it to the portal. Now in DMZ, you will get some cool loot for doing some of these challenges, so that is another bonus to doing it in DMZ.

Search the swamp and open egg pods to find tiara to summon + defeat the swamp creature

Search the swamp and open egg pods to find tiara to summon + defeat the swamp creature

Now for the swamp monster, again, we did this one in DMZ. It's very easy; you just have to search the swamp pods until you find the Tiara. Once somebody finds a tiara, you can pick it up and take it over to the portal.

Once you take it over to the portal, all you have to do is interact with it, put it in the portal, and then the swamp monster is going to appear. He won't appear straight on the portal; he's going to appear somewhere in the swamp, so as soon as somebody finds him, make sure you ping him, because once you ping him, everyone can focus their attacks on him.

He's very easy to take out, and you'll get a little bit of loot, and that one is done as well.

Secure the skulls and place them in the sarcophagus to defeat the pharaoh

dmz operation nightmare

Now for the Pharaoh, we would recommend doing that in DMZ as well because it gets so crazy hot in the war zone, and this one is quite tricky, so you're going to want to go to Oasis. Right at the top, he does try these little jump scares, which is really annoying when trying to fight, and there will probably still be operators down here, so make sure you deal with all the operators if you've got an advanced UAV that is going to help you.

I would also recommend a ghost vest. You're going to want to kill the bots that have the red skulls, and you need to pick up. I think, 10 of those red skulls and put them in the altar; there's five on each side once you've finished putting the 10 red skulls into the altar. Then the pharaoh is going to spawn.

Now be warned: once he spawns, there are still going to be operators. They'll probably try and come down and try to kill you, and then once he spawns, you're going to want to try and lead him into the biggest open rooms that you can because he will keep running at you, and if you get caught, you're going to get assassinated, which is what happened to my friend over here right now, and it is honestly brutal if you get assassinated in DMZ.

That is, unless you have a self-revive, you won't be able to get back up again. Now you are probably going to need ammunition, boxes, and lots of things because I ran out of OTE a couple of times, and you're going to want to keep aiming for his head because he does have, honestly, it's like tier 21 armor; once you finish killing him, there's a lot of loot again, and you can get some really cool things for DMZ.

Activate the altars of lilith to open nightmare portal and defeat the butcher

Activate the altars of lilith to open nightmare portal and defeat the butcher

Now, the butcher is probably the hardest one because everybody goes for it on the map, so I would recommend trying to actually do it in the war zone and trying to creep up on another team that has started the ritual. For the ritual, you basically just have to kill zombies, and then eventually, the portal will open.

If, however, somebody else has opened the portal, you can go in there as well. At the same time, I managed to get in there on my own, and I started trying to do this solo. Trying to do it solo is very difficult because it takes a lot of damage. However, if you die and he still has not been killed, which is what happened to me, I actually came back in after my goolag and realized there was another team in here fighting him.

This is the easiest guide to defeat all the bosses in the Warzone and DMZ event The Haunting - Operation Nightmare. Including how to defeat the Butcher easily, how to defeat the Pharoah easily, how to defeat the Ufo easily, how to get the Heart of The Ghost Train, how to investigate the evil spirits and how to defeat the Swamp creature. 001 How to Investigate Evil Spirits Quarry, City, Fortress, Airport. 042 Capture the Heart from the safe Ghost Train.
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