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Top 3 mwii snipers

Top 3 mwii snipers

Now, whether you got Modern Warfare 2 for Christmas and need to know which sniper rifles you should rank up first or you've been playing since the launch and after all the weapon updates are struggling to decide on which sniper is now the best to use, well, in today's article. I've got you covered.

I'm going to be showing you the top three snipers in the game right now, giving you their best class setups and the weapon tuning involved, which is very important, and showing them off live in the action so you know what you're working towards.

Sp-x 80

For more now, we have to start things off with a jack of all trades, the SPX, at 80.

Probably the most versatile sniper rifle in the game because of its incredibly fast aim down sight speed, super good firepower, and you can tweak it to suit your playstyle without any major penalties. It also has a perfect default scope already equipped, which is, in my opinion, the best sniperscope in the game, giving you that fifth attachment slot for whatever you see fit.

1 max speed sniper

We have the 18.5 Bryson Barrel, basically, to increase their AIM now site speed. There are two barrels that do the exact same thing with different pros and cons, but I've tested them, and the Bryson Barrel is still the quickest. Now let's talk about shooting. A lot of you will continue to make the same mistake I did when the game first launched.

You assume these sliders tell the whole story; you put them all the way to one end; you put them all the way up; you get the best attributes; you get the most speeds; you get the best handling. I'm afraid that isn't the case. You've got to be looking at the graph in the middle, so as you can see, I'm chewing on this gun with my aim-down sight speed at minus 0.31.

1 mw2 sniper

Okay, so if I actually put this all the way to -4, you'll see that the peak on handling actually goes further inward, meaning it's slower and getting worse, so what you want to do when you tune in is find that sweet spot where you're getting the benefits of tuning while still making the gun perform as well as it can, rather than making the gun perform worse by maxing out one of the sliders.

So we've also got the FSS laser, the PvZ, the 890, and the tax stocking. I haven't maxed out the aim down sight speed because I don't need to, and at the bottom here, I've got aiming idle stability up to Plus at 1.78. And if I go any higher than that, you'll see that it actually drops; it goes further backwards again, so I'm losing stability, but I found this sweet spot right here where I'm still getting quite good mobility and I'm not getting the penalty of going all the way to the top.

Alongside that, we have the Schlage match grip aimed outside speed almost maxed out there because on some of these attachments that will be the case, and we've also got the Sprinter fire speed there, minus 0.28. Finish it off with the FSS bolt here, just increasing that fire rate, which is really helpful with a gun like this.

So that is the build right there, mainly attachments. As you can tell, the increases are in aim down sight speed, and we've tuned it alongside that to capitalize on the aim on sight speed attachment without hitting the gun's performance, without having too much without having too much recoil, or two slower movement speeds, whatever it may be, but like I said, the optic isn't needed because the best scope in the game is already equipped.

Victus xmr

Victus xmr

Now let's talk about the Victus XMR. This is the new sniper rifle that was added with season one, and I think it's slowly becoming a fan favorite. The reason it's so loved is that it hits like an absolute truck but still has really quick aim down sight speed, and it's just an overall satisfying gun to use.

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The fire rate lets it down only slightly, but I think that's just more down to comparing it to the many other sniper and marksman rifles with this already fast bullet velocity. This is the sniper that you can't really escape from once you're locked in their sights. This is probably the perfect choice for Search and Destroy, so this is a build for the winners, XMR, and we have the Mac 8.21.5.

1 sab class

Shortly, the barrel is the only barrel on this gun that helps increase aimed-on-sight speed. I've tuned my recoil steady, and it's quite high on this thing because this gun's a bit bulkier; it's a heavy hitter; there's quite a little bit more recoil compared to the other snipers, so I want to prioritize that when I'm tuning my guns to make sure I get the most out of that gun in my hand, but as you can tell from an aim down side speed.

I have it chewed down to only minus 0.18, and you'll see that I get a bit more of my damage at range, my aim is down, and my side speed is basically the same as it would be if I maxed out the slider, so we get the VLK laser there for increased aim and stability. Sprint to fire SPX, 80, of course; that's 6.6 times.

The scope is so damn beautiful on this game, and we've also got the F-Tat locus, which has a really good scope as well. I know some people like to put the McPR on this gun, but either way, avoid it. Using the regular zoom on this gun, the regular scope on this gun is like a 12- or 13-times zoom; it's absolutely ridiculous, so I'd highly recommend always putting an Opticon on, and this is how I've tuned it.

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I've got the aimed-on sight speed almost maxed out because that is the perfect position for it, and I put my eye position too far. I like the gun to be less in my face, less close, so I can get a little bit more of what's going on in my peripheral vision there. So we've also got the XRK. Rise 50 stock, all about increasing the aim down sight speed, and then we've tuned it heavy on the aim down side speed there on the left, and I've just stood a little bit with aiming idle stability.

I think there's a bit of sway on this gun, so why not just tune that a little bit? You've got to build the gun how you like it. Finally, we've got the Bruin Q900. Grip increasing aimed on sight speed and sprint to fire, which is quite helpful, so as you can tell, the sprint to five speed There is almost maxed out, and then on the left, we've got The Sweet Spot there, and that's around yeah minus 0.26, so that is a build for the victor's card.

Enough that having a scope on this, having an optic is the way to go. Don't use the regular scope; it's way too zoomed in for multiplayer; it had to be guys, even two soup dim for Warzone.

Sa-b 50

Sa-b 50

Lastly, I just have to include this in the top three snipers, even though it's in the Marksman rifle category. I can't not recommend the Sab 50. If you're an aggressive sniper, they're aimed on site speed and the fire rate combined, which makes it an absolute joke of a gun, and I always recommend pairing it with another sniper rifle though, just so you're more versatile.

The TOP 3 SNIPERS to use in Modern Warfare 2. Today I'm revealing the best sniper rifles in MW2 right now. Showing their class setups, attachment tuning, while sharing a few mistakes you're making that hurts the performance of your guns. Enjoy.
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