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Let's just cut straight to It's season two reloaded for Modern Warfare 2 and War Zone 2, and with this update we finally have the selection of playlists we've been waiting for, so because we finally have the choice of whether you want to squad up with quotes or just play by yourself in solos. I've decided to put together the best sniper loadout so whatever playlist you're diving into, you have the best possible sniper in hand that works for your playstyle physics first.

My personal favorite at the moment is the SPX 80, and this is for Resurgence. Here on Ashika Island, we have the FSS laser, which is tuned for a sprint to fire and email site Speed Max DMR; the Precision stock, which is tuned for ads and aiming idle stability; and then we've got the Schlager match grip down there as well for a sprint to fire, keeping it snappy, keeping it fast paced, and we've also, of course, got the high velocity.

best mcpr

It just increases that bullet travel time so it arrives at the target a little bit quicker, you don't have to leave your shot as much, it's a bit more direct, and we've tuned that for recoil, smoothness, and bullet velocity, and I love the eight-round mag. I know it hurts ads, speeds up your movement, and stuff like that, but it's not really that noticeable, and having those three extra bullets in my mag is incredibly helpful for those larger squad size game modes, but if you're playing maybe solo or duo, you could probably take off the eight rounds and put on a funky optic, and a lot of people are liking the four-stack Delta on this SPX, but if you don't want to rock that and you want to keep the right scope, then maybe go FSS or Ball.

But for me, I think that just hurts—the smoothness of the bolt animation—more than it actually helps. Serene chamber speed so hurts the accuracy overall, so I go with the round, but if you are and I'm an Azra player and you play in the larger map. I would probably take off the Schlage match grip and go with the nilsound.

90, this is probably the best muzzle you can get on this gun; it helps with that bullet velocity, once again, damage range, and even a bit of recoil smoothness, and I would just tune that slightly for bullet velocity; don't go all the way up because it's just not necessary, and then with the ads once again, it probably peeks out around there.

best sniper

Well, we're talking about our mother. This is my favorite sniper, Loadout, to use on the bigger map incredible bullet velocity. It's so much fun to use, and having a built-in 10-round mag as the default is incredibly fun, so once again we got the FSS laser. I'm not going to show too much of the tune in here, cronent.

Lion stock does help with ads, but it's more about the aim and stability, which is really helpful on the larger map, so we've got that tuned for ads speed aiming out of stability. Throne, and cheetah grit once again for ads. Sprint to fire High-velocity ammo Of course, if I can get the recoil smoothness and bullet velocity just right, the damage range on this gun is incredible anyway.

If you shoot someone from hundreds of meters away, the damage you deal is just like it is if you're up close, which is incredibly helpful, whereas with the SPX, which are faster bolts, the damage drop-off is quite significant, so the further the distance, the less damage it's going to do, and then we have once again the nilsounds.

best sniper class

Here you want to use it, what a shaker, take off that nil sound. You don't need that extra bullet velocity for that damage range or anything like that, and maybe put on the 5 overall mic for increased attack speed. Maybe a funky optic again, and a lot of people like using the SPX scope, or you could even try a barrel for, say, ads, so the Orca Barrel there increases the aim-down speed if you want it to be a little bit quicker, but there are quite a few options.

There is a stock that increases ADS, but I think having a bit of stability with this MCR is more helpful than having it just scope way quicker because you're not getting the one shot most of the time anyway because they're going to be triple plated, so why not make sure that follow-up shot is a little bit more accurate?

best sniper loadout

Lastly, though, for the third sniper, it's probably a toss-up at the moment. This victus XMR because it's still incredibly powerful to use, it's got that infinite damage at range once again like the mcpr where it's going to deal like 247 damage or whatever it is, and that is once again the nil sound here, we've got that maxed out for ads speed, we got the high velocity ammo, we got the vlk, laser tune for walking steadiness and aiming downside speed, we get the SPX scope on this, which I absolutely love, and then we've got the Xrk rise 50 stock, which increases the ads speed overall.

That is, and that is once again the nil sound here. We've got that maxed out for ads speed; we've got the high velocity ammo; we've got the VLK, laser tune for walking steadiness and aiming downside speed; we've got the SPX scope on this, which I absolutely love; and then we've got the Xrk Rise 50 stock, which increases the ads speed overall; that is a great choice.

100 and, once again, if you want to use it on a chica, take off the nail sound and put on a grip for increased AD. probably the Bruin, and there you go check that for abs and probably some sprint to fire, and bada boom, you got yourself a beautiful Ashikaga Island sniper, which has got to hit incredibly hard, but because snipers aren't a one-shot weapon, we'll show off the signal 50.

best sniping loadout

I have to start using this in a while because it's not very satisfying using that double-tap method that's semi-automatic. 50-cal style, where I'm building this gun so it doesn't have much recoil and has a slower aim down sight speed, but once I'm at my skill level. I can get the second shot off more accurately because the visual recoil is less and it stabilizes quicker, so yeah.

I'll show you. It's not the prettiest thing in the world, but if you want to be the meta, you know, you see how it just kind of re-centers quite quickly so you can get that second shot off. I've got the high-velocity ammo, once again, for f-tac, Ripper, for aiming idle stability and reco stabilization.

Bruin, counter Ops for recoil smoothness and a bit of bullet velocity there, we've got the kilo bar, which I think helps fully velocity recoil control damage at range again, and the inline stock is probably the only thing they're helping their aiming on site speed, so not the one I'd recommend, but if you want to go top three.

best spx

I think it's the SPX, the mcpr, and of course the victors XMR for a chica island. I've stung grenades and thrown knives, of course, and then the perk package is overkill; double time fast stands at high alert, which is the exact same over on our side, but I use smoke grenades and drill chargers because the pacing is different and the map is larger and it allows you.

Get out of some sneaky situations.

Now the TOP 3 BEST SNIPER Loadouts in Warzone 2 Season 2 Reloaded. These are now the best sniper rifle classes to use in Ashika Island Resurgence and Al Mazrah, after the new update. Enjoy! MY CONTROLLER.
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