News - Ranking Every Sniping Warzone 2 From Best To Worst (attachments & Tuning Included)



I'm giving stuff away. Shout out to drink poggers for hooking me up. I'm trying to hook you guys up for just hooking me up. I know where you guys are. Let's get you guys into the sauce of learning the best snipers in the game, so yeah, without further ado, let's Hop into it, coming in at my number one spot for the snipers.


What am I going to use? Check this gun out, because this gun is going to be the sniper for you, whether you're an actual sniper or not, or whether you're just trying to get this gun platinum. Starting from the front to the back, we have the Bryson 18.5 LR Factory Barrel. inch. The LR Factory Barrel is what you guys are going to want compared to any other laser.

I've said this in all my other articles. Moving on to the grip itself, we got the fastest Sprint to fire aim down sight speed. Tone It Up at the fastest sprint to fire aim down sight speed. Of course it's not a marching rifle fast, but it is definitely right there, such a beautiful gun. I'm very proud to say that they came through with the snipers this year.

They actually didn't give us shitty, slow snipers, which I was actually blessed to hear and blessed to play with, so that is something that I actually really enjoy. Again, you guys can see that I switched over to the one-round magazine, and I don't really see much of a difference in aim-down sight speed.

Of course, there might be some when you're actually in the field itself, but for me personally, I don't really see anything that's too drastic. But again, to each their own. Yeah, is this a dub? Are these the snipers in this game, though? Are they not dubs? Are there, you know, shitups in this game?

Or could they change anything out?

Signal 50

Signal 50

But with that being said, let's hop over to our next sniper, the number two spot, so the number two sniper in this game for me has to be the signal 50 just from the throwback classic. Nostalgia. With this gun, yeah, this gun is the one to go to, so again, the same kind of concept that I apply to all my guns is that I like to have the fastest ads and I like to have almost the best damage for snipers.

In this game, they're just going to do rock damage, so my thing is that it's going to be what's the fastest ad type that I can make for any of my snipers, so again, starting from the front to the back, we got the fluted 50. Just because it's the best advertisement. Barrel out of all of these barrels: these other barrels do not help you to give you damaged boost, which is cool if you're that type of sniper, but for me personally.

best sniper

I want my ATS speed, so that's what we're going to be rocking. in tune, recoil steadiness, and aim down sight speed. I did the ads. I don't really know too much about the close and far; to me personally, it doesn't really change anything, but it helps with the ad feet, so that's all I really care about moving on to the stock.

We've got the steep-incline stock; it's the best one for the ads. speed again to tune up the ads, speed a model of stability for the grid that you guys already know we have to have the best ads for, speed again for the ads. Sprint to fire speed, and when we take the scale into the actual range, and this gun again is not the fastest by far, but when you're actually in the field, man, this gun compared to what you usually have it on Matt just a night and day difference, so again, you could use this gun and actually be in the trenches and actually get kills with that, and one of my favorite things is that it just packs so much punch, so yes, again, you can swap out the site and throw on a bigger magazine, you can swap out for that, and actually get a little bit more, but for what it offers, man, this gun is just nostalgic.

best sniper class mw2

And it's just an amazing sniper to use again. I think one of the best things is just having the semi-auto. As far as aspects of this sniper are concerned, what makes it my number two pick just compared to the other ones is that you get the consistency of the damage, the consistency of the hitting, and the consistency of like this gun doesn't take forever to zoom in.

It's a 50-caliber sniper, so it's actually going to do damage, and when you're actually on the field and you want to do damage, whether you're 20 yards away or 40 yards away or 50. I feel like for the most part the build is going to stay the same throughout, so again, just one of my favorite snipers has always been since this was first introduced in Ghost, and just is always going to be because again, it's just an amazing sniper that's very consistent when you're in the trenches.

I wouldn't say use this gun up close and personal, but man, you could definitely make it work. It's all about learning where to go and how it operates. Did they do the snipers justice? Is it not a dub? What can you change? You almost hit that triple collide, and do what I think so again, number two spot, great gun.



I kind of got sidetracked by little Bill's running clash with my homie, but coming back with it, we are going to run our number three and number four spots on here, and coming in at my number three spot is going to be the mcpr300. So a disclaimer: if I use all these snipers again, of course, the number one sniper is going to be my SPX.

You know we don't hate on anybody's classes, so again, I'm just trying to give the best classes that fit my play style and just go from there. So again, this is my number-three gun, and I'm going to be rocking with the McCPR. And this gun to me is just, you know, right up there with even the other snipers, so again with that disclaimer being said, yo, I shit with this sniper heavy.

best sniper in mw2

I've been focusing way too much on the Orion camera grind, but soon enough I will definitely do my thing. We'll go from there, but yeah, starting from the front to the back when you have the Orca Barrel just because it's going to give us the best type of speed for this gun's itself tuning—it's up recoil steadiness and aim down sight speed.

You guys already know where to go: the FS. We're going to go with the FSS merged stock that's advertised. Tune it up ads a model stability You guys already know going to the rear grip that's ads, you guys already know it's getting very repetitive, now aim, down sight speed Sprint to fire speed. very consistent, sniper is very fun to use again, and you guys could always change out the actual site itself if you guys aren't comfortable.

I know it's a different type of zoom in, but man, when you get used to it, it's very easy to use, and I feel like it's very consistent at multiple ranges. I don't think the range really does it justice, but Airy is a consistent, fun sniper to use, a very good-looking sniper, and of course, like I said, I've not had a clip with this gun yet, but man.

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