News - New Warzone 2 Update 1. 38 Released. What Was Patched. Download It Now

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Modern warfare 3 update 1.38 released!

Modern warfare 3 update 1.38 released!

Now you guys can pre-download the official Modern Warfare 3, season 2 update right now to your console, depending on what you play on Xbox or PC.

Modern warfare 3 season 2 content!

You guys should have gotten that update the other day, but for console users out there, you guys should be able to get this update pre-downloaded to your console.

How do y'all feel about season 2? I know you guys have already seen the road map. I'm pretty disappointed about Modern Warfare 3 zombies not getting any content on launch , but we will talk about that later on within the article.

Modern warfare 3 update 1.38 file size revealed!

Now this update is about 10.7. GB on the PlayStation 4 for next-generation consoles; it should be a little bit more than 10 GB total, but I just wanted to let you guys know how large this update is on the PlayStation 4, compared to next-generation consoles.

modern warfare 3 update 1.38

Now, when this update goes live in the afternoon at 12:00 eastern time, this is what we can expect. Fortune's keep war zone rank plays new Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer maps, and I'm pretty sure a majority of you guys already know what Fortune keep is; we had it on the original war zone, so with that being said, let's go ahead and talk about Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer.

Modern warfare 3 season 2 multiplayer content!

Okay, we got the 6x6 map called Stash House; it reminds me of a lot of new towns. A little bit later, we got another 6v6 core map called Vista. That is right there. Okay, we got another 6v6 core map called departures. That's what you're looking at right here, and when season 2 reloaded comes out, we'll get that remastered map from Vanguard, and then we have a brand new war map called Operation 10 Man. and this will be taking place on the Modern Warfare 3 original OverWatch map now we got new multiplayer modes for multiplayer for Modern Warfare 3 we got gun game snipers only hord point, and the other three are going to be coming within season 2 reloaded we got our rank play, camos that you're looking at right here within season 2 when this update fully goes live we also have the ninja vest that you're looking at right here and this is what it does it will eliminate footstep sounds immune to movement reduction effects bonus Sherin and throwing knife ammo, and you can reply to it every 25 seconds, and I would not equip the covert sneakers.

Mw3 bp50 returning + ram-9 dlc weapons & more!

Mw3 bp50 returning + ram-9 dlc weapons & more!

Okay, make sure you don't equip that now that we have our DLC weapons. We got the BP50 from Vanguard, we got the ram 9, also coming within season 2, and moving on, we're going to be going from Prestige 5 all the way to Prestige 9. Let me remind you that this season is going to be ending on April 30th at the end of the month, and there is barely any goddamn.

Mw3 season 2 content disappointment!

Modern Warfare 3 zombies content until season 2 is reloaded. It's when season 2 Reloaded comes out. Is this going to hold us over until April 30th? We got the Jack Lim Ripper, the Jack Backsaw Kit, the Jack Magift Kit , and the Outlaw 277 Kit.

New season 2 blackcell skins + new nuke skin operator & more!

Now moving on, we have the black cell operator skins.

They look really good. I like this one right here; it looks absolutely amazing, and if you guys want to get the black cell, you know battles pass. You guys can get this awesome-looking requirement, black cell AR. I think I'm not sure which one, and I've also been hearing around rumors that this might be another new opera nuke skin.

I'm not sure if it's a bundle or not, but we do have a few events that will be coming within Modern Warfare 3 season 2. We have our operators, like Rick Grimes, that you're looking at right here, and we also have another operator coming from The Walking Dead. You guys already know about this. We also got Kate as an operator in Modern Warfare 3, and we also have another look at the black cell operator.

Warzone 3 season 2 content revealed!

Warzone 3 season 2 content revealed!

Skin: Right there, let's talk about War Zone 3. I know a lot of you guys out there still play War Zone 3. I think War Zone 3 is a good game. We got ranked Resurgence coming to War Zone 3.

I also want to mention the War Zone rank resurgence. The following items are restricted: riot shields several shotguns one-shot sniper, all launchers Snake shots, thermals, you name it, we're going to get all the way to 250, right? Are you guys going to go to 250? We got some season 2 rank. Play rewards, not war zone, just rank play in general, but look at Fortune's Keep for a second.

This map we played on it before I can't wait for them to drop Rebirth Island in the near future, hopefully in the springtime when season 3 comes out, and if you guys didn't know about War Zone, you guys will be able to use Wonder Weapons as well. So how do y'all really feel about season 2? I'm just disappointed that zombies are not getting any goddamn content.

Major layoffs for all cod gaming companies!

On the launch day of season 2, that was very disappointing, but multiplayer maps look good. You know the black cell skins; they look good. The DLC weapons are okay. It's just that we zombie fans out here have dealt with Vanguard and are barely getting any content for Vanguard, even though they did give us round base later down the road.

I'm starting to see the same pattern in what happened with Vanguard here in Modern Warfare 3 zombies. Y'all have a good thing with Modern Warfare 3 zombies; they don't screw it up, but it looks like they screwed it up. I don't know if they're saving more content for, you know, zombies later down the road.

I know Season 2 Reload is not going to come out until maybe late March, but you know what it is; there's nothing we can really do. Just be hopeful and glad that we received a new update, and thank you to the developers that have worked their asses off on it. You know, they make this content for us because they don't have to do any of this.

So with that being said.

Closing statements

Closing statements

I'm pretty sure it will. I mean, if you get rid of the bad people that really aren't doing anything, get people in there that are actually going to do something for Modern Warfare 3 and future Cod titles in general.

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