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ashika island

YouTube is a legend. Let's go ahead and get right into it. Now we did get update 134 the other day for season 1, and if you guys check for updates depending on what platform you're playing on, you guys should be able to download update 135. How has season 1 been so far? Go ahead and comment. But before I end up reading those patch notes, which I will explain later in this article, let's go ahead and see.

Modern warfare 3 update 1.35 file size revealed!

Modern warfare 3 update 1.35 file size revealed!

How large is Update 135, So it comes to about 3 gab on PlayStation 4, probably at least 5 gab on PlayStation 5 and Xbox.

Ashika island & vondel returning + false shadow bans?

So make sure you download the update. It won't go live until the afternoon of today, and I've also been hearing that we will be getting Aika Island and also we will be getting Vonell.

Here in War Zone 3 now, before I end up reading the patch notes for yesterday's update in the afternoon on December 7th, a lot of people have been complaining about being shadowbanned. For no absolute reason, they're not doing anything wrong, but they're just being shadowbanned. After the season 1 update.

Mw3 & warzone 3 december 7th patch notes!

They basically added the missing unlock requirement, so that's what they did for Modern Warfare 3. Now for our customization, they fixed an issue that prevented the band tamam operator from being available to equip. They fixed an issue preventing the smoke maker blueprint from entering Battle Pass Sector A5. From being equipped, they fix an issue that causes certain weapon charms to sccur the players's visibility while being prone or aiming down sights, so that's also been fixed for customization.

December 7th warzone 3 bug fixes & more!

December 7th warzone 3 bug fixes & more!

And then for War Zone 3, yeah, we have a lot of things to talk about when it comes to War Zone 3. This just came out with season 1, so for gameplay for Battle Royale public events, An occupation scan and restock may now occur during the fifth circle.

Vehicles that coyote the armored patrol boat and cargo truck have been disabled in Battle Royale solos; they increase the number of utvs that spawn in Battle Royale solos; and looting the WSP Stringer has been removed from ground loop. And then, for our bug fixes, we can't forget the bug fixes. While another squad was present, they fixed an issue related to the maximum number of vehicles that could spawn in Aeran, they fixed an issue with the ad animation on the base WSP. Stringer, which is a Modern Warfare 3 gun, and they fixed an issue preventing audio notifications when using UAVs in Battle Royale.

Closing statements

Closing statements

So those are all the bug fixes from yesterday's update. This has nothing to do with Update 135. Make sure you leave a like, share with your friends and family, and I'm going to catch you on my next one.

Take care; peace out.

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