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cod mw3 xp glitch

I'm going to be showing you a really cool glitch on MW3, zombies, that you can use right now to get weapon XP, and it's really good for your camos as well. It's really good to chill while doing this glitch if you're not looking to have a hard time with zombies. unlocked as well, and if you do it yourself, you can get all the cells ranging from multiplayer to zombies as well.

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So this one's just a really chill glitch for anyone who wants to chill on zombies. Get some weapon levels, and also, not only that, get yourself camos, so make sure to pick a gun you want to get weapon levels on, then bring it into the game with you. Now, before you go into the game, you want to make sure you have the act for the mission selected.

modern warfare 3

Don't worry, you don't need to do anything to unlock it; you can literally go right over to it and activate it. It's available to everybody; it just allows you to access the dark ether. When you're in this game, you can now save up Essence points, get yourself set up, get Pack-a-Punch, and all that on your guns you want to get weapon levels on.

If you do have the scorcher schematic and you can craft it. I do recommend bringing it into the game with you, as it's very useful, and you can travel across the map with it very easily and stop yourself from dying a lot easier. Now this is way better if you actually pack-a-punch your gun to Tier 3, but I actually forgot, and it made it a lot worse for me.

But it doesn't matter, but when you're ready and you've completely set yourself up, you want to head into the dark eer by going to the portal as the Stony mission on the map. Once you've activated it, when you're in here, you want to follow the exact route I take. Now my friend and I actually found this accidentally.

modern warfare 3 glitches

It's actually really cool for just messing around and chilling out in the dark ether to get yourself zombie camos, and not only that, it's kind of good for your weapon XP as well; it's not 100% the best for weapon XP. This is better for trying to overcome your challenges. Not only that, but the reason I wanted to show you this as well is because if you're actually doing the dark ether mission yourself and you need to go AFK to take a piss or something, then you can literally stand over here.

Just make sure you do not bring any disciples over, because if you do, they can actually come over to you. They glitch out sometimes and come over to you, and you just have to kill them, but that's fine. Apart from that, no one else will come over there and try to kill you whatsoever, so you can use it to go AFK.

Or you can just use it to have a better time. If you need to chill out, you're about to die in the dark ether or something. While doing the mission, you can come over to this island and chill out, just have a good time, and just take out the zombies for some camos. You can see there's a disciple that decided to actually come over; this happens, but when this happens but when they do come over, just kill them.

modern warfare 3 weapon xp

The zombies aren't that hard to kill in this zone anyway. I was doing it with a tier-one packed Pack-a-Punch weapon, and I just used a bunch of jugs to kill them as well.

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