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I found a brand new broken XP/Camel glitch on zombies, and it is actually insane, so make sure you drop a like on this article and don't forget to subscribe, as this one is insanely broken and I think you're going to like it. Everything you see on screen in my bag makes this glitch 10 times easier, but the scorcher is 100% needed.

Now you can get zombie schematics, the Borealis camo and the Bone Collector operator unlocks, and mission boosting at my friend Dam {640}, along with all the schematics and everything you're needing for this glitch, or even if you want to get yourself weapon levels or bot lobbies, he's got you covered on that as well as tons of multiplayer items.

He's literally your one-stop shop for all your Call of Duty needs; he's got tons of reviews; he is super quick; he is super trusted. I recommend checking him out. Now, if you don't have any of the items that you've seen earlier in the article, then that's fine. You can go to my Discord in the description and get someone to drop you off from the Discord, as you can see here.

modern warfare 3

I got a drop, and the two most important items in this backpack right now are the tombstone can and the scorcher. Those're the two things that you mainly need; everything else is just a bonus and a plus. Now, what I recommend doing is going over to Tier 3 with unlimited Essence. That's also very useful if you want unlimited Essence; you can get that from the Discord as well.

That's very helpful. It's very useful for buying things, so you can buy your Tombstone with that at Tier 3 at the Wonder Fizz. If you like, once you've drunk Tombstone and you've got everything in your bag that you're going to be doing the XP glitch with, such as the tombstone, that's the main thing, as I said, and the scorcher and everything else that you want.

that's just a bonus, you want to quickly do the Tombstone glitch which will quickly explain see these symbols on the wall you want to shoot these exact symbol Sy in the same order that my friend did right there this is right next to the dark ether Rift now a lot of you probably already know how to do this by now as it is the Tombstone glitch but this is just going to help us with the awesome XP glitch that I found, and you'll see how, so obviously you go and activate the dark eer rift.

modern warfare 3 glitches

Now run back over to the portal that you just made with shooting the symbols, and then what you do is just run out of bounds. And as soon as it gets to 2 seconds for riff voting, that's when you want to vote yes. Keep running out of bounds, Then you want to quit your application after it says eliminated.

You get the portal screen. Of course, this whole time we're going to have everything in my bag that we're going to be using for the XP glitch and so on. Quit my application. After it goes on the portal screen, it says Squad Eliminated, then goes on at the black screen. I'm going to quit my game now.

That's just a quick way of doing the Tombstone glitch, and I'm not going into full detail with that because there are multiple tutorials on it on YouTube at this point anyway. What you want to do is come back in once you've loaded in the game; you will have everything in your backpack, and when you load into a new game, you will have your tombstone there.

modern warfare 3 xp glitch

This is what we're needing. This means you can now use everything in your bag, so you want to use absolutely everything to your advantage. Here is this XP glitch, and you want to make sure you've got the Outlast contract at the bottom of Tier 3. That's very important. Now you can use the scorcher glitch, where you can boost up three times in a row, and just keep doing the infinite scorcher flying glitch to get over your tombstone.

Like 10 times quicker, but with this glitch, you're probably thinking I already know you're just going to do the unlimited Outlast contract. No, I'm not just going to be doing that. I've found a new way of actually doing it, which is really OP, and it's a glitched-out spot and one of the most busy Outlast contracts there is.

So now you can go over your tombstone, and you can completely crumble it. Now you want to drink the tombstone can that you've got, either the one in your backpack or the one in your tombstone. It does not matter; just make sure you've still got the tombstone drunk and you've got a spare can in your bag.

modern warfare 3 zombies

You can go over now and buy Perks at Tier 3, and now once you've done that, you can go over to your Outlast contract at Tier 3, and as it's in this building before you activate it, if you look over to your left in this area, you'll see this structure right here with PS. You jump on top of it, and this is what we found: it's crazy if you lie down and go underneath it and go behind the structure, and you actually activate your scorcher.

If you go ahead and just boost a few times, the more you do it, the higher up you'll go, and you'll be glitched out behind this structure right here, and the zombies at times will not be able to hit you with the meat, so what you can do is get unlimited ammo from the ammo cache that's usually outside of these contracts.

modern warfare 3 zombies all working glitches

You can also get a self-revive just in case you now want to go in and activate the contract itself. Once the contract is activated, you want to do unlimited. Zombies glitch in the contract, which is getting up to like 90 odd per then actually canceling the contract. Once you've done that, everybody knows you'll have unlimited zombies from there.

also that purifier is actually so sick, but once you get back into this glitch and go over to the full left-hand side, the zombies will pile up, and if they do throw a meet at you, they will like hardly ever hit you; they only hit you certain times, but if you're standing in the right spot, the zombies will just keep spawning and running over to you, and you can get the unlimited zombie kills.

This is really good for camos weapon XP challenges, event XP, and so much more, and obviously, as I said, you can get your ammo to go back into this spot and just keep killing anything you can for that amazing juy XP and those camo challenges. I think this is really OP and kind of cool, and you can also get friends in here as well.

modern warfare 3 zombies glitches

Look at this; it's actually kind of funny and a laugh to do with your friends, but the downside is that not a lot of zombies spawn when you're doing it with friends, and also when you're doing it solo, just make sure to mess around with it and try and get the right spot because sometimes if you're in the wrong spot, the zombies will not spawn in much, but if you're in the right spot, then they will spawn in easily.

It's really quick, and you can go out the whole game and just get a bunch of camos. Now, when you're finished, just use the scorcher at the end of the game to go over and do the Tombstone glitch. You've got everything on you from your tombstone that you crumbled; just go over and shoot the symbols again.

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