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I'm going to show you guys how to set up Tombstone completely solo, totally legit, by yourself, without having to have other players in your game in order to help you. So first things first, you're going to need a couple dollars to go ahead and get Tombstone, obviously, so we're going to go ahead and make our way over to do that, and then make sure you have your rucksack, whether it is a small, medium, or large rucksack.

Smalls are obtained in tier one; mediums are going to be obtained in tier one and tier 2 as well. There are a couple spots in Tier 2 where you can go ahead and grab large bags for free, but if you guys are looking to get a guaranteed re-sack, you're going to have to go to the Tier 3 buy station in order to get one, so we're going to go ahead and purchase our Tombstone.

Just like on screen, you can either use Tombstone cans or you can go ahead and just buy them in game if you guys are new to the channel. Don't forget to drop a like on today's article if you guys are looking for schematic unlocks. Or even playing with friends, we have a huge Discord with over 5, 000 players on there, always helping people out with Essence money, having fun hanging out, and playing the game.

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Be sure to use code EER for 5% off. Don't forget to act fast. So now that we have Tombstone and we have all of our items that we wish to duplicate or keep for every single game to make our lives easier, we're going to go ahead and hit up the bad signal. What I mean by that is, we're going to go ahead and go to the bad signal.

modern warfare 3 glitches

Over here in the Tier 2 area, it's going to be a bad signal whether you complete it or not. You're going to have the portal indefinitely, and you can use it over and over again. What I mean by that is if you guys are looking to duplicate your items, to use them for the next game or just drop them for friends or just drop them from random players in the game that might not have had the chance to play in the prime time to duplicate, this is going to be the best time to do it, so if you guys are looking to stack up for red worm or if you guys are looking to just have super op items or drop schematics for other people, this is going to be the new method of doing so.

Once we get to the bad signal portal, we'll show you guys what to do. So we are making our way over to the bad signal, or the anomaly, which is what it's going to be called. We can go ahead and teleport in here, but we're going to go ahead and keep our tombstone. As well, you can see that I did not have a tombstone prior to doing this, so no, we are not doing the other method of going down and having somebody like you every single time.

We're actually going to be able to do this completely solo with whatever essence we originally had in our bag. Unfortunately, I only have a thousand since I am refreshing my tombstone. But we're going to go ahead and start the anomaly or go into the dark, and then we're going to go straight into the water.

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Once we are in the water, we're going to wait for the breathing icon on the left side of our screen. You can see that it is slowly going down. From here, we're going to get a red little icon, and then from here, we're going to get ready up or hit Y, so bam vote. Yes, you guys want to make sure you are alone doing this, though, because if you have multiple friends with you, you're going to need them to go into the water at the exact same time.

So we're about to die. Boom, we got the eliminated screen, but we also got this portal screen. From here, we're going to go ahead and close out our game, then we can load right back up, and we will show you guys that we have all of our items still in our bag on the main screen, and we have a tombstone set in the game.

modern warfare 3 zombies

This is going to allow you guys to be able to set up Tombstone solo, as well as keep your items and duplicate them to have them for the next game as well. You guys want to go ahead and put them in your stash; we'll talk about that here in a second, but let's go ahead and load back up. So you can see on our gear screen right here we currently have the three items that we originally had one of them was a self reses but we're not going to obviously take those back to the main menu, we did end up losing our guns, our tacticals our lethals and our field upgrade but we can always throw new ones on if you guys are looking to do, constant gameplay, with weapons I recommend doing wall buys or going to the mystery box so you don't lose a whole bunch of the good items that you had or your insured slots, or take a whole bunch of Contra bands and get a couple duplicates and then work from there because you can equip those and use those to level up get gun camos and all of that good stuff but from here all we need to do is go ahead and throw a couple things on and rinse and repeat this glitch and we'll show you in game when we get back that we have a tombstone set with all the items still in, it.

modern warfare 3 zombies all working glitches

Now that we are just currently loaded back into our second game, we obviously have a new weapon on us, but you can see over on the corner on the right-hand side that we just spawned in with our Tombstone stash here. It is always going to spawn in the church SL, cemetery area, and you're always going to have a tombstone here, and you just completed doing Tombstone absolutely solo, not having anybody be with you, and you still have the bad signal portal that you guys can rent and repeat this over and over again.

If you guys do not know how to get the bad signal portal, you need to make sure you have Act 4 as one of your missions. If you don't have Act One 2 or 3 completed, you just need to change over to the bad signal mission, and you can do that absolutely free without having to do any of the other Act missions.

modern warfare 3 zombies glitches

If you guys are on Xbox, like I said, you want to make sure you close out of that purple screen, but let's go ahead and rinse and repeat this all over again, and we'll show you guys how to do it for the PC. Method all right, now that we're near our tombstone, we can do one of two things: we can either use all of these items and play the game out if we wish to, or we can drop them off for another player to help them set up their tombstone.

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