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The main reason I'm doing a refresher on the most up-to-date Tombstone glitches is so you can actually get the unlimited mags of holding, and I'll show you how you can get it unlimited every single time now. The Borealis, camo unlock plus max level, not only that, you can get the bone operator skin, mission boosting, and so much more over at my good friends Damm {632}, they can literally do anything for you, even Max ranking all your guns out within the game bot lobbies, and so much more for multiplayer.

As well, if you're interested in that, he literally has so many trusted good reviews over on Trustpilot; he's quick and he's reliable. As well, if you're needing anything for Call of Duty, then he's the man to go to. if you have a friend dropping you these items from his Tombstone, then it's really good if he has a large bag in his Tombstone to help you do this 10 times quicker you can also get someone to drop you a large bag from my Discord as well if you like of course if you already have a large bag then that's really good or if you already have mags of holding unlocked then you can craft it and put anything else you want to duplicate, in your backpack and bring it in game with you so if you're going into game and getting items dropped to you then you simply have to just get the items off your friend or whoever's dropping you them and then drink a tombstone can afterwards and also if you want to get unlimited, essence.

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When you're getting everything else off of them, once you have got everything and you have drunk Tombstone, you want to go up to a zombie and get the zombie to down you, then you want to completely hold the button to give up and get your friend that's helping you to revive you afterwards. Once you've been revived, you can now leave your squad if you like and also drop the essence back to your friend so he can keep it for his tombstone.

Because that is me now completely setting up my tombstone after he revived me, and I can use anything I have on me at this point. Everything in my bag I can use, and I will not lose anymore, including my essence. Now this is not a bad signal, Tombstone. The reason for that is because I've mainly shown you how to get unlimited mags of holding and unlimited items that you can use in Zombies to help you get anything you want in Zombies, such as more schematics.

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And also be able to just play the game and have fun that's also because as you know the stash glitch is gone so unfortunately, we're not able to do any duplication, and there's just no point of doing it so once you've completely played that whole game out you will need to down yourself to be able to keep your Tombstone and you'll go back into the lobby take any gun in that you want but just remember there's only a few times you will be able to use your insured weapon slot because every time you do this glitch you will unfortunately, lose it but the goods outweigh the bad with this glitch and you'll see how in a second now when you get back in game you will need to find yourself a large backpack you can do that at the top of tier 2 There's this location right here in a building where you can actually find large bags inside the lockers.

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I accidentally ended up dying while doing this after finding a large bag, so I did have to get my friend to drop me a tombstone again, but this is actually a good thing, so I can show you how you can also get a large bag if you can't be bothered going to that location and find him one in the lockers, so you could go in the game, go over your tombstone, pick up your essence from the tombstone, then go to Tier 3, buy a large bag, then go back to your tombstone and pick up the items that are inside the tombstone.

Then what you want to do is go over to a Wonder Fizz machine and buy yourself the tombstone perk, or you can go directly to the tombstone perk machine itself and buy it, or if you find a can or bring a cannon with you, you can drink that. Now, of course, you want to redo the step of downing yourself and getting a friend to revive you so you keep your tombstone, and then once he's revived, you can use absolutely anything you want on you in that game again, such as your unlimited mags of holding and anything you have on you at the time and your essence.

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You can actually do this solo; it doesn't need to be a friend to revive you; just go somewhere popular where there's players nearby, down yourself, and ask for help; that will also work. So, in a nutshell, doing the Tombstone glitch at the start of every game will help you be able to get unlimited mags of holding because it will be in your Tombstone every single time, and you can go around the mystery box and get different weapons that you want to level up and get weapon camos on, and you can use it with unlimited mags of holding.

Pack-a-Punch your weapons with the crystals in your tombstone if you want, or with your unlimited essence, you can go Pack-a-Punch, the weapons as well; that way, it's completely up to you, really, and also the Tombstone glitch and the unlimited mags of holding are very useful for taking on things such as the big massive worm.

I really enjoyed doing it; it was the first time I tried it, and the unlimited mags of holding really did help me a lot, along with the flamethrower that everybody's using right now—that's Instagram killing a bunch of zombies.

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