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So in today's game, we got the M13, and not only that, we played on the brand new map of Barber Fortress. Chica, or Abagra, because honestly. 32 so for the M13 build, what I do is put the 60-round mag on. I feel like that's pretty obvious for the site. You guys can run whatever you want. Personally, I like the blue dot.

Hollow sight, you know, taking it back to the wars on one day, and then from there, what you want to put on is the longest barrel next. Up until now, this has been important. Put on the Commando 4 grip, and then you want to put on the skinnier suppressor, the echoless. When you do that, you're going to be able to ad at a normal speed because with a gun like the M13, when you put on the 60-round mag in a long barrel, you just ad super slow, so you don't want to use the f-tac Recon, slowing that down even more now for the tuning.

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What you want to do is aim idle stability, and then for adsb, you can pretty much max it out. For the suppressor, what you want to do is increase ADS speed again; you can pretty much stop right there. You could probably stop right there because this is just going to feel like the gun is more accurate because when you don't have aiming idle stability, it's going to look like you're missing shots that you shouldn't be missing because you're going to swing too much for recoil steadiness or aiming walking speed.

I honestly just don't even mess with it and tune the site; you can run whatever you want. I forgot to put adsb for this one. You can pretty much stop right there for eye position; it is up to you, and that right there is the meta M13. And now, if you guys want to learn how to win more gunfights or just see some tip articles from me, I made a really good one.

You guys can watch that right here.

The BUFFED M13 META is AMAZING in Warzone 2 Warzone Meta Class Setups. Watch Me LIVE! - Kick Kick. comshawnp.
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