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You can now unlock those same weapons in MW3. With a certain challenge, we don't know what it is or what it's going to be yet, and if you have a bud that has the gun that you want, you can also extract it from zombies, and you can unlock it that way as well. Scrolling down, what they talk about is that MW2 guns will all be balanced differently in Modern Warfare 3, so let's say with the vasn, we all know how good that gun was in MW2.

It may not be the case in MW3 because they're changing all the values for that gun and also how the attachments change that weapon as well, and in my honest opinion, that's big because it's going to make the game feel a little bit more. A little bit less stale. Let me say that it won't feel like we're playing the same exact game with the same exact guns, if that makes sense, and now this is like the important part.

They talk about how many brand new guns are in the game, so we have six for Modern Warfare 3; we have the SVA, 545. This one's pretty much the A94. It has those two burst firing systems. Next up, we have the MTZ 556; this is like the ISO Hemlock or the kilo; scroll down a little bit more; we have the Hoger 556; we have the MCW; pretty much the ACR; we have the DG58; this is a three-burst weapon; I have low expectations for that gun; and this one as well, this is the Fr556.

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Another three burst weapons. Now we jump into the three brand new battle rifles. We have Boss B, and we have Sidewinder. This is like the ACR platform; we have the MTZ 762, and now we talk about the SMGs. We have six brand new SMGs; we have the striker, and I hate to say brand new because a lot of these guns are duplicates, and you guys are going to see what I'm talking about.

So, like I said, we have the striker; we have the swarm; we have the AM-9; the WSP-9; and now you guys tell me what that gun looks like. Like, it's the same gun, different bullet caliber. I guess, but next up they show the Rival 9ine, and then we have the Striker 9, once again another Striker, just a different bullet, which is funny, like.

Activision Man, but next up we have shotguns. We have three brand new shotguns, and we have the Lockwood 680. Heaker, this gun gave so many people problems in War Zone 1, and it took forever for that gun to get nerfed. Other than that, we have the river for the last shotgun, and that one is fully automatic; this one's going to be.

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I'm not looking for that gun either; other than that, we have five brand new LMGs, so the PKM is making a return. We have the DG58. This one is actually the QBZ, or at least it looks like the QBZ. We have Hoger 26. Once again, another duplicate weapon, and out of all guns, they brought back the hogre to duplicate like three different times.

It's crazy; we have the Brewing MK9. This gun was crazy back in the day, and then we have the tack eradicator. The funny thing about this gun is that it's not available on game launch; you actually have to unlock it via challenge. I'm assuming at the launch of the first season, but I'm not too sure.

Moving on, we have the Marksman rifle and the KVD enforcer. We have the MCW 6.8 and the DM 56 once again on that hoger platform, and then we have the MTC scrolling down, and we finally go over the snipers. The first one we have is the cat AMR. This is that 50-cal bolt action, and we have the long bow.

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This is a semi-auto. It pretty much reminds me of that dragon. I have low expectations for that one and the KV inhibitor too, because they're both semi-auto snipers, and with those guns, they're either really good or just really bad. Lastly, they go over pistols. Now we have four new pistols, and we have the core 45.

This is pretty much the starting pistol from MW2. We have a three-burst retti, The tyr, handgun This is like that handcannon, the Siif specialist weapon from MW3. This is another gun I don't expect to be too good, at least for the war zone. Then, lastly, we have the Stinger once again; this is like the, and then lastly, they go over the launcher; this is the only launcher for this game; they're just carrying over the five or the four from MW2, which I don't really know how to feel about that.

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I guess I'm kind of happy about that, honestly. And then we go over to the melee weapons, so we have two brand new melee weapons. we have the gutter knife and the Caren bit no riot shield in this game then when you scroll down a little bit further we go over the conversion kit like once I said before you take a gun, and you pretty much change how that gun works completely so we have the ACR, but now this time around for the conversion kit is called the Jack Raven, and it pretty much gives it a harder hitting and more recoiling.

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Conversion of the ACR; other than that, we have the Jack Ktic carbine. We have the Brood Mother 45 kit and the Jack Annihilator for the PKM. We have the ipv2 conversion barrel for the core, 45. The Jack ferocity carbine kit for the retti and now this is what I was talking about a little bit earlier with the weapon balancing so once again like I said they're changing the damage ranges the damage values the multipliers so pretty much how fast the gun kills, and the attachment value so like I said this game may not feel the exact same with these guns in Modern Warfare 3 and that's pretty much what I'm hoping cuz I don't want to have to go through the camo grind if there are new camos for these weapons, and it pretty much feels like the same exact thing we've been playing with so just fingers crossed they actually capitalize on that now moving on from that they talk about modifications and attachments.

Another thing I'm really excited for is that they removed weapon tuning, as it says right here, based on community feedback. Sledgehammer Games has removed the weapon tuning feature, so it will be in Modern Warfare 2 and War Zone 2 currently, but when Modern Warfare 3 drops, it will not be in that or War Zone 3.

My only concern is that I wish that the optic tuning would still be the same, whether you could do it close or far. That is the main one that I really cared about, to be honest with you guys. Other than that, they just explain what the damage fire rate range and all these other stats for these guns mean right here.

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So if you guys want to read any of that, just pause the article or just go back. This is another thing I'm really excited for, so we have like the advanced stats, so let's say that you guys want this optic right here; it shows you on the screenshot. Every single thing that is going to change gives you numbers and percentages.

I actually go over the whole

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