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All in all, for all Modern Warfare 3 tips and glitches, the only weapon you need to bring with you is a scorcher, but you will also want to bring along a pack-a-punch crystal, and for me. I'm going to bring the tier 2 crystal. The Jug Perk can also help if you plan on going into the Red Zone, and death perception will also help you spot crates easier.

Use the items as soon as you log in, and then start looting to find better gear. Lockers may have medium backpacks and two-plated armor vests, but you can also find them inside mercenaries. Caches, you can go to this location if you want a free stamina perk by quickly running up all the stairs to the top.

If you run fast enough, you will get a free perk, which can come in real handy when inside Red Zone. You can also check on top of cranes for mercenary caches, and this one had a large backpack for me. Then, go to the biggest building in the city to find more crates, but watch out for the boss that may sometimes spawn here.

This building usually has several crates to loot, which may have some nice loot. You can use the scorcher to fly across the whole map by cutting the parachute and holding the left trigger, then releasing the trigger when the scorcher gauge hits around 70, and just keep doing this over and over to fly like this.


There is a cave right here with a secret vault inside. Normally, you would need to complete an Easter egg to enter it, but instead, we'll be glitching inside. Head back into the cave and stand next to the light, then use the thrust ability to push yourself through the ceiling and keep holding the left trigger until you're on top of it.

Tunnel; now just follow the tunnel back to the vault to loot the chest. One of the chests will be a mimic, but the other two will contain some random loot. You can reach them by going Crone, and you will find one gold bar inside each chest, which you can sell for 3500 Essence each, meaning you can loot this vault at the start of every game for easy money and nice loot when you want out.

Simply jump into the pool and mantle onto the same corner I do to get back into it. This is a quick way to find nice weapons and a bunch of loot that might help make the Red Zone a bit more interesting. Easier, and either cache can also have nice loot, and they are normally easy to spot thanks to the purple crystals on top of them.

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They are commonly spotted in the red zone and are quite often on rooftops, so just parachute around until you find some bosses who can also drop nice loot, and they can be killed very quickly using a turret mod, which you can find from looting. Check the ground where they die, and you may find some useful items.

Contracts in red will reward you with 5K Essence once completed, and there are a few easy ones you can do with just a scorcher. The raid contract is very easy since you can just sit on the roof the whole time. Other players were killing the zombies for me, but usually they slowly climb up to the roof one at a time, making them very easy to kill.

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It's a short contract to complete, so farm this contract and the deliver cargo contract to make a quick Buck. If you see the escort contract, you will need to start it and cancel it, then grab the nearby Outlast contract and do the same. This will make the deliver cargo contract spawn in, and I'm sure you all know how to do this one by now, but here is a hint: Bring along some decoys.

Using these tips and tricks, you'll be able to quickly rear all your operators and earn a good amount of essence each game. Using items you loot can save you money for the next game, and don't forget to do the Tombstone glitch if you want to save your money forever. You can check out the tombstone article in the description if you are wanting Max Essence.

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