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Some players are having problems getting the new season 2 schematics, so in this article, I'll show you the easiest way to get them and how to help friends instantly unlock them. Let's see if we can glitch this article up to 145 likes to help my channel grow. I was able to unlock all the new schematics in less than 1 hour using this very easy glitch, and this also works on all systems.

A helper is required, but you can both unlock the schematic, so it's a win-win scenario. You will need items that can help you survive inside the dark, like a pet dog, gold armor, and some Essence to buy perks. If you have a tombstone set up already, then you will need to loot it until it crumbles and make sure you have an elder sigil inside your tombstone.

But first, if you're wanting to instantly unlock Mastery Camos or quickly unlock the new schematics, then check out M. Cactus, Com they are the biggest and most reliable sellers with amazing deals, and they can unlock the nuke skin for you. Once you and your friend are in the match together, you will want to farm Essence, and then both players will need to buy the tombstone perk, then drop all your dark ether items for the other player, and then you will need to leave the squad.


There is a bug happening right now where you may be stuck with another random player, so if this happens, have your friend send you another invitation to rejoin their squad, then leave the squad again, and this time make sure you're actually solo. Now have your friend bleed out, and then, once they are revived, the tombstone has been set, so your friend can now drop all the dark ether items for you to use.

This means you can use the same Elder sigil over and over without needing to find another one, and once you have all the items back, your friend will need to get eliminated so that their tombstone appears in the next game. Now Get ready for the dark ether, so head to a buy station in Tier 3 and grab two or three self-revivals and one Juggernaut score streak.

Casmir grenades will also come in very handy. It's also a good idea to grab every perk in the game, including the tombstone perk, because if we find a schematic, we will not be leaving the dark ether. Once you have all the best perks and items, head to the dark ether portal and use the Elder sigil.

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For the bounty contract, you will want to use the jug to kill it, or you can use the flamethrower. Check out the article in the description to see just how broken the flamethrower is. The other contract is an Outlast contract, and this one is the easiest to do. If you have a pet dog, then it will act like a decoy and attract most of the zombies, and using a healing aura will help keep it alive.

Just make sure you stay on the move, and the zombies won't be able to kill you. You The Ether extractor contract is the hardest, and this is where the Casmir will come in handy. Throw it towards the extractors before you interact with them, and it will kill all the zombies around you, allowing you to quickly complete the contract.

Contract, the rewards in the dark ether are completely random, but I get at least one schematic each game I play, and sometimes I get two. You'll also get a free blueprint for completing the contracts. Once you find a schematic, you will need to get eliminated, and make sure you drink the tombstone perk before you die.

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Anything inside your backpack will appear at the cemetery in the next game. Now have your friend rejoin you and head back into the match. You will see a tombstone near the church, so grab a backpack and then go loot everything from there, Tombstone. Now drop the schematic for your friends so they can be taken into their tombstone, and just make sure your friend drinks the tombstone perk again.

Then they need to bleed out and plead, and once revived, their new tombstone has been set with a schematic inside of it. You can then take the schematic back and use it to unlock the new item in the next match. You can take all the items from your friend's tombstone and set up a new tombstone with them.

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Your friend can then fill in the schematics without even needing to go into the dark ether. This is how players can get tombstones full of schematics; just remember to reset your tombstone each game, and the only way you can leave the match and keep your tombstone is by getting eliminated. You can then continue to farm schematics, game after game, until you and your friend have all the schematics unlocked.

This is great for those of you who are terrible at zombies since you only need to find one person who can survive inside the dark ether solo, and they can unlock all the schematics for you if you provide them with all the items they need to get the schematics. Once you're done farming schematics, you can use the Tombstone glitch to farm camos and XP.

Since you can start every game with the best items.

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