News - New Solo Dark Aether Tombstone Glitch (unlock New Schematics. Keep Tombstone) Warzone 2 Zombie Glitches

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You guys are all legends. To start, you will want to bring items into the game that can help you survive in the dark. You will also need a tombstone perk, an elder sigil, and a scorcher wonder weapon. If you already have a tombstone set up, you will need to loot it until it crumbles. If you don't know how to do the tombstone glitch, then check out the article in the description.

Make sure you buy the tombstone perk before you go into the dark. If you want assistance grinding Mastery Camos or unlocking the nuke skin, then check out Mitch {630}. With over 10,000 positive reviews on Trust Pilot, you won't find a better deal anywhere else, so check the L in the description and use the code pexi for 5% off.

Zombie inside the dark ether are very tough, so make sure your weapons are fully upgraded, and a dog bone and self-revive will come in very handy. Also, try not to use the backpack items, or they won't appear inside your tombstone. The only perk you want to buy before going into the dark ether is the tombstone perk.


Head to the dark ether portal, and I'll be using the season 1 portal. This portal is currently invisible, but you can still enter it, and it's located right here next to This Little Bush, so all you need to do is memorize this, spot now that you have your backpack full of items and you drink the tombstone perk, activate a portal inside this building, and enter the same code I, do, the code is hook weird circle and backwards in, and then open up the portal.

Once the portal is open, head over to the season 1 dark portal and use your elder, Sigil. You will want two scorchers inside your tombstone so that you will always have a scorcher to use at the beginning of each game, and you can check out the article in the description showing you how to do the same glitch using the season 2 dark ether.

Once the dark ether portal has been activated, wait to vote until the timer hits 2 seconds and quickly go through the second floor portal, then quickly turn to the right and parachute towards the out-of-bounds Be sure to vote at the 2C mark and then run out of bounds when the timer hits 6 seconds. If you have timed everything right, then you will be eliminated and get pulled into the dark ether.

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All the items inside your backpack will then be duped because a new tombstone will be waiting for you in the next game with all the same items. You will keep your weapons and backpack items, but you might lose your essence. You can now use these items to farm the contracts and unlock schematics. You can also use this method to unlock the gold camo since you can fill it and still keep your Tombstone.

If you do have money, then you can find the perk machine right here on the map, and I'll leave the interactive map in the description to join all the points of interest in seasons 1 and 2. There are plenty of zombies to kill inside the dark, making it a great place to earn XP and do some camo farming, but just make sure you have yourself.

You will unlock any schematics you already have and keep any items you didn't use, meaning you can use them again in the next game or stick them into your stash. A tombstone will be waiting for you at the church, and it will have all the items you went into the dark ether, meaning you can repeat the process over and over until you have all the schematics unlocked.

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If you're having trouble farming schematics, then check out the article in the description showing how to get the new items without needing any schematics.

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