News - Warzone 2 Zombies - Instant Legendary Items, Max Essence, Contraband Weapons (duplicate Everything Glitch)

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Then check out Mitch Cactus, Com. They are the biggest and most reliable sellers with amazing deals, and they can unlock the nuke skin and other rare items too. Before you can pick up the duplicate weapon, you will need to pack-a-punch the weapon in your hands first, and this will make it into a counterfeit weapon.

Then you can pick up the ground weapon to keep your original, insured weapon. You can also use this glitch to duplicate monkey bombs and ether blades, and a big shout out to Silent 9 for finding this. Once you find this, you can then just fill up with the weapons to add the duped weapon to your Contraband stash.

This is the quickest and easiest way to fill up on a whole bunch of nice contraband. Weapons This might be your last chance to do the tombstone glitch and duplicate items. Head into the game with the items you want to use and bring along a tombstone perk, or you can just buy one. You will also need to do this every game.


You can get essence from a friend, and if you need any help with this glitch, then join our Discord in the description. Have all of the items you want to dup in your backpack, and make sure you drop any self-revivals. You now have to get down, bleed out, and then have someone revive you. Once you are revived, you are free to use any of the items in your backpack, including your essence.

Once you're done playing, just get eliminated, and a tombstone will be waiting for you in the next game. Head back to your tombstone, loot everything from it until it crumbles, and then go buy another tombstone, Perk. Now just get down close to another player, and they should rise over and revive you since this zombie community is usually very helpful and friendly.

Once revived, the tombstone is set, so you can now use your items and essence. You can also exit the game using the portal elimination glitch, and you can check out the article in the description showing you how to do it. The best time to close the game is when you see the dark ether zombies in the top left corner.

Just close the game the second you see that, and you will be able to keep all your gear and even your insurance. My favorite Tombstone glitch is the Max Essence Tombstone since I love dropping money for other players, and it just makes zombies so easy since you can just buy everything you need to survive.

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If you're after fast xpn zombies, then check out my afkxp article and keep watching the article if you want to see some fun glitch spots you can use before they patch them with tomorrow's update. Hopefully this one has helped you guys out, and we will be posting the best season 2 reloaded glitches, so be sure to subscribe.

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