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There's a game bug going around, or at least a bug that is making operators lose containment bonuses even though they are completing contracts. More specifically, you used to be able to create a god gun by dropping the ray gun just before you got down, and it would duplicate it. You could then add a legendary tool to it and pack-a-punch it; it looked like the glitch was going to work, but when my friend revived me, the gun disapp appeared from my loadout, so it seems that all methods of the god gun glitch no longer work, but we are always looking for workarounds.

I tried it a second time, and this time I failed to drop the gun in time, and when I was revived, I was wielding nothing and the ray gun was gone. If you want to unlock the brand new schematics or maybe Mastery Camos, then check out Mitch {616}. They're the biggest and most reliable sellers with amazing deals, and they can offer you a lot more than just camos.

You can experience that their service works on all systems, and with over 10,000 positive reviews on Trustpilot, you won't find a better deal anywhere else. If you're after easy looting, then head to this location on the map. A scorer is required, and make sure that it's pack-a-punched. Stand near this lamp and press the left trigger to glitch right through the rock, so you end up on top of the tunnel.


Once you're in the glitch, head to the. Vault You used to be able to go prone and loot the items inside the vault, but sadly, that method is now patched but silent. You found a new way to loot. The vault since you can no longer reach the chest from the ceiling, we will need to open the vault door.

This can be done by going below the vault, using the scorcher to reach each chest, and trying to open all three. This was my first attempt, and I was able to gain access to the vault in about 4 minutes. It will just get easier the more you do it. Don't charge the scorcher too much since small bursts seem to work the best.

Also, aim below each chest until you have opened up all three. One of the chests will be a mimic, and you'll need to kill it later. Once you have opened up the chest, you can then unlock the vault door. This can be a bit tricky, but just keep trying, and you'll quickly get the hang of it. Once the door is unlocked, just drop straight down, and you'll be teleported back on top of the map.

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Then, just head back to the vault to loot it, and don't forget about it. Mimic, the loot inside each chest is completely random, but I often find large backpacks of Wonder Weapons and perks, so it's definitely worth looting. You can also complete an Easter egg to open up the vault, but that will take longer than just glitching.

Inside, if any of you are having trouble with the field upgrade missions, then this exploit might help you out. You can charge your field upgrade by killing zombies or mercs, but that can be very time-consuming, and you will end up spinning the whole game just by completing one mission. There is a quicker way to complete them, and it requires a teammate to use your field upgrade and kill what you need to when the field upgrade runs out.

Head over to your teammate, get down, and then bleed out. Have your teammate revive you, and this will instantly charge your field. Upgrade; this is also a good way to heal pets. If you have a pet that has taken damage, you can heal him by using a healing aura, and a teammate can also heal your dog.

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This means that if your dog needs health care, you can just have your teammate get down and bleed out so that they can heal your dog. Make sure you do not get downed and bleed out with a pet dog following you, or the dog will be instantly killed, so make sure that it's your friend who is getting down.

Hopefully this one has helped you guys out, and we have more on the way, so be sure to subscribe.

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