News - New" Solo Instant Unlock Glitch "after Patch" Broken Meta Weapon & Secret Wallbreach Warzone 2 Glitch

cod glitch

Me There is a new glitch spot found right here on the map, and thanks to Elf Gaming for telling me about this one. You're going to need a vehicle and then wedge it into the same spot I do. You can walk around inside this building, and you can even get under the map to explore even more. You can shoot out through the walls and kill players from inside here, but remember that they can report You are cheating, so use this glitch.

Wisely, I could have easily downed this guy, but I just trolled him a bit instead, and he kept coming back trying to find where I was, which was pretty funny. If you go under the map, make sure you aim for the closest body of water, and then you can reach tons of other locations by staying along the edge of it.

This can also be used for zombies. When you want to get out, just enter a nearby vehicle or boat. If you want to skip the grind and get Mastery camos or other rare camos instantly unlocked, then check out MIT Cactus. They are the biggest and most reliable sellers with amazing deals, and they can unlock the nuke skin and other rare skins for you.

If you have access to the clan blueprint, which can be found in the battle pass, then you can instantly unlock a free Tracer. Equip the MTZ 762 into your loadout and add the conversion kit skin from the cranked blueprint to the weapon. This will glitch it out and give you a free Tracer and death effect.


You can then save it as a custom mod, so you can use it in all game modes. Want to equip locked attachments so you can build level one metal weapons? Well, here is how to start: Make your way into a war zone private match, and a big shout out to glitch hunters for finding this one. Head into your loadouts and equip any low-level weapon you want attachments on.

When you go into the gunsmith, you will see that all attachments are unlocked, including conversion kits. Put on all the best attachments, and do this for every weapon that you can. To create an overpowered weapon, equip the conversion kit for the Haymaker shotgun, then put on all your favorite attachments to make it even better.

Create as many weapon builds as you can by adding them to all the other loadout slots, then back out to what's hot. Menu At this menu, hover over the Battle Royale preview and press X quickly, followed by Circle, but it can be very tricky to hit X and then Circle at almost the same time, and if done right, it will tell you that you're not the party leader.

gudpexi the gamer

You will see your loadouts from the private match, but the difference is that you can now save them as custom mods to use in multiplayer and War Zone. You can just Google meta attachments for weapons if you're wanting to build the best guns, and glitches like this get patched pretty quick, so take advantage of it while you can.

You can also just spam the Haymaker trigger, and it will kill anyone you aim it at, making it very OP even after they nerfed.

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