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Fast xp tips

Fast xp tips

there is a new God Mode glitch, and a big shout out to Elf Gaming for finding this one. I'll also show you the best way to get weapon XP and rank XP, so let's see if we can glitch this article up to 101 likes to help my channel grow. You'll be able to get this blueprint for free by earning 500, 000 XP.

They've given us plenty of time to earn it, and I'll show you how I beat it just a few hours later in the article. For those of you who play multiplayer, you just need to select any small map playlist and then equip decoy grenades and throw them every time you respawn. I also like running the DOS, and I run score streaks that are easy to earn.

Combine this with killing players and playing the objective, and you will level up in no time. If you don't have time to level up or unlock the new nuke skin, or maybe you want Mastery Camos, then you're going to want to check out Mitch {661}. They have years of experience, they are reliable, and they can provide safe and fast ways for you to level up.

Free operators

Free operators

The Sadle Up Prime Bundle is no longer available, but be sure to subscribe with notifications turned on because I let all my subscribers know about all the free bundles available.

Free bundles

Description speaking of free bundles, the gift pack glitch still works, so that means you can get any free gift bundle that someone else owns.

To do this, you just need to create an ALT account and give it to the person who owns the gift bundles. They can then copy all the gift bundles onto your account and give them back to you. You can then transfer them from the alt account over to your main account without needing to risk anything except the new alt account.

Sadly, it is a console-only glitch, and you will need two controllers, or you can use the Remote Play app. The gift pack account will need to be the host, and then you can go into the store and select my bundles. They just need to go into one bundle and then back all the way out to the what's hot menu.

Now sign in with controller 2, and then go into the store. When you select my bundles, you will see the bundles from the host account, and you can click on any bundle that says free and claim it. You can also buy out-of-store bundles, including discontinued bundles, but you will need the Cod points to do it.

Free glow in dark camo

Free glow in dark camo

Now most of you already know about the glow-in-the-dark camo, which you can get by using the lockman. Shroud just gets 15 kills while mounted; it needs to be Next Level, and voila, a new glowing camo. It needs to be in a dark environment for it to work best, but it's still an eye-catching camo anywhere you can find it under fun in the camo section, and an even better camo is the zombie version.

Best weapon xp / rank xp

If you're wanting fast webons in rank XP, then there is only one game mode that you need to play, and that is plunder. Spend a whole match-farming contract, and you can walk away with 50, 000 rank XP and 20, 000 weapon XP. Having Squad Fi turned on can help, but you can also complete contracts completely solo.

You can win almost every game if your whole team is farming contracts, and you can earn the most XP by farming the most wanted contracts. A double XP token will give you even more XP, and compared to all the other modes, this is definitely the quickest way to earn weapon XP without using exploits.

Fast xp exploit

If you're on Playstation, you can turn crossplay off and then start up plundering at the same time as a friend, and if you get lucky, you will end up in the same match, but on opposite teams, you can then Farm weapon XP and camos by killing your friends over and over again, and make sure you bring along some deco for even better.

XP, you just need to throw decoys towards enemy players, and you'll earn 200 XP for every decoy. You can also ask your friends to drop their decoys before you kill.

Extra xp trick

Extra xp trick

You don't even need friends to do the decoy trick since you can just buy munition boxes from a buy station and then fill your inventory full of decoys, locate enemy players, and throw your decoys towards them to rank up.

Best weapon xp / rank xp

Fast the quickest way to earn Max Weapon XP is by reviving teammates over and over.

Just have your friends get down and then revive them to earn some weapon XP and rank XP. There is an XP cap, so if your gun stops leveling up, just start over again in a new game. Take turns doing this for your friends, and you can all max out your weapons in just a few games of plunder. I was able to reach max Prestige using this exploit, but you can still earn a crazy amount of XP by just completing a contract.

Solo usually gets something good for hitting max Prestige, but this time you only get a calling card, so there is no point in rushing for.

Godmode glitch spot 1

cod glitch

There is a new glitch spot found right here, and it can be a bit tricky to get into. You can use this as a hiding spot for Bounty contracts or just a fun place to explore.

go prone where I do and then crawl in backwards. Push to the left when crawling backwards until you feel stuck, and then look up and down and left and right while pushing backwards. You should eventually crawl right under the ledge. Be careful using this to kill other players because they might report you for cheating, but it works very nicely as a hiding spot, and it's rather large, making it worthwhile to check it out.

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