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cod glitch

and, glitches All bypass glitches have been patched, but if you're losing items after you Xville, then you have a glitch stash, and you'll want to check out the article in the description showing you how to fix that.

Tombstone glitch

Tombstone glitch

The tombstone glitches are still working, so bring in items you want to dup and collect as much Essence as possible; then you'll need to buy the tombstone perk.

You'll also need to check out my sponsor, {751}, for all your Call of Duty needs. They can provide assistance to those of you who need help unlocking the nuke skin. Mastery Camos or even zombie schematics are safe and reliable and have all sorts of different options for you to choose from their service.

Stone perk: you will need to leave any squads you're with so that you're completely solo, then get down, bleed out, and then plea. Once revived, you can use any items you wish, or you can travel around the map, dropping essence and items for other players. If you need any help with this glitch, then you can join our Discord, which is filled with thousands of other zombies.

Fans, to make your tombstone appear in the next game, you will need to get eliminated and then repeat the same process over and over again every game to keep the same tombstone forever.

Dark aether tombstone glitch

Dark aether tombstone glitch

You can also go into the dark and keep your Tombstone, and you can check out that article in the description showing you how to do that.

Other tombstone glitches

You can also duplicate Tombstone items solo by using the scorcher or the blood burner, and I'll leave those articles in the description for you to check.

Under water glitch

Speaking of a blood burner, you can drive it under water by driving off of a tall cliff.

This could be useful if you need to go AFK or if you just want a safe spot to hide.

Instant loot glitch

Zombie, you can also glitch into the ball using a blood burner key. Bring a pack-a-punch scorcher to this location, stand near the lamp, and use the scorcher to glitch on top of the tunnel, then head to the.

vault, use the key when you're on top of the vault to make it spawn inside, and then get onto it. One of the chests will be a mimic, which you need to kill, and then you're free to loot the other two chests. The loot in here is always random, but quite often you can find really good weapons and really good items, so it's worth checking.

Secret wallbreach

A glitch spot I found last season can be found right here, but sadly, there is not much purpose to it. The scorcher is required, and you'll want to self-revive, stand in the same spot I do, and then use the scorcher to push yourself through the wall. Once you get into the glitch, you will get down, so you will need a friend with a healing aura, a self-revive, or a dog to revive you.

It's not very large, but it's always fun to explore new wall breaches, or you can just use this to play hide-and-seek with friends. You can shoot any zombies you see, and you can use the scorcher to reach different levels inside the glitch. When you want to get out, just enter a nearby vehicle.

Infinite aether blade glitch

Infinite aether blade glitch

Every time you XV, you'll lose your ether blade, but there is a glitch you can use to keep it forever. Interact with the bad signal and vote. Yes, when you see the warping animation, close the game on PC. Close the game when you see the black screen after the warping animation. When you restart the game and head into zombies, you will see that you kept all your loot and weapons, and you even kept the Ether Blade, making this a perfect glitch for those of you who want to keep it forever.

Instant kill glitch (god gun)

To do the god gun glitch, you will need to start up the raid weapon contract and then head to the safe. You will need two weapons equipped with a jug score streak, a SV, a wonder weapon case, and a legendary tool. Then, throw a Molotov at your feet and interact with the safe when your health bar gets there.

50%, then just get revived, and when you swap weapons, you'll notice you have a blank weapon slot. Equip any wonder weapon into that slot, and then put a legendary tool on the weapon in the second weapon. Now call in the Jug score streak and equip it while you're wielding the wonder weapon. When the Jug wears off the wonder weapon, it will now be legendary and have taken the place of the second weapon.

Pack-a-Punch it to make it a god gun. If you do this with the VR 11, then you can instantly kill all bosses in the game, and this thing is also a beast at taking out the red worm. Keep in mind that if you get down, you lose the god gun, so try to play it.

Dupe insured weapons

Dupe insured weapons

Safe You can also use this glitch to duplicate insured weapons, and you can find that article in the description.

Camo unlock glitch (infinite spawn glitch)

If you're after camos or XP, then start up an Outlast contract and then activate the PN. You only need to cancel the contract once it reaches 95%, and this will make a large group of zombies constantly spawn.

This is perfect if you're camo grinding or if you're just after weapon XP, and this will work in all three tiers. Just make sure you're ready for.

Best xp glitch (exfil respawn glitch)

Fight I was able to kill over 5, 000 zombies in one game, which rewarded me with over 120k XP by using the Xville respawn glitch. This is currently the quickest way to gain XP in Zombies.


Head to any Xville and start killing zombies until the Xville chopper is getting ready to leave. Once the chopper starts to fly away, use a scorcher or a fast vehicle to drive away from the Xill location. After waiting a few seconds, head back to the fill spot, and you should notice a larger group of zombies spawning.

Make sure no other players are near the xfill, or this glitch will not occur. Work gold armor will help keep you alive, and it's a good idea to bring along a pet dog or a self-revive Remember to leave the area at the same time as the chopper, and using the scorer seems to work the best for this. Glitch I did this during the double XP weekend and gained 120k rank XP, but it did not double it like usual, so there is definitely an XP cap for Frank and zombies, just like there is for weapons.

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