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Useful weapon tips

Useful weapon tips

Modern Warfare 3: Zombie is all about looting and killing, so when you get into a match, loot to find a better weapon. You always start with a gray gun, so it's a good idea to loot. If you want to find an even stronger weapon, you can also buy them on walls, and if you get lucky, you'll find upgraded tools.

You can use these to level up your weapon, and the legendary tool is the best to use, but you won't commonly find these just lying.

How to get essence fast

Around Essence, it can make life much easier, so loot to find valuable items and then sell them at buy stations or complete contracts to get Essence.

How to get maxed weapons fast

Tier 3 has wall guns, and these will be epic or legendary.

Rarity: Once you have 5, 000 Essence, head into Tier 3 and grab the wall gun that you want. Don't hang around for too long, though, because these zombies can kill you very fast. Most legendary weapons have no issues killing Tier 2 zombies, which means you can start farming Tier 2 contracts, so you'll get even more XP in essence. If you find a weapon you like, leave it with it, and it will become contraband, which you can use if your insured weapon is on cool down.

Important tip

Important tip

The next tip is to check out today's sponsor, Mitch {752}. They can provide assistance to those of you who need help unlocking the nuke skin. Mastery Camos, or even zombie schematics, are safe and reliable and have been providing these services for many years.

How to get self revives

Self-revivals will keep you alive in zombies, and you can find them by looting and completing contracts, or you can even buy them at buy stations since here too, but they will cost you 5, 000.

How to get pet dog

Essence : The other way to get revived is by killing zombies with explosive damage until they drop chunks of flesh.

Bring this to a dog house and place the chunks of flesh inside to get a free pet dog. You can put one chunk of flesh into a Tier 1 dog house, two chunks into a Tier 2 dog house, or three chunks into a Tier 3 dog house. If you get down, the dog will come and revive you, and you can also heal the dog by using healing or a field upgrade.

I'll leave a map in the description.

How to keep gas masks forever

How to keep gas masks forever

In these In these locations, gas masks can be looted or bought, and these will help you when you need to survive inside the gas ether Nest gas will slowly damage your gas mask, but you can repair it instantly by using an ammo.

How to get easy loot/weapons

Depo : You can find a hidden cach right here at this location, and these could be very useful for new players.

The loot inside is always random, but you might find weapons, perks, and a bunch of other goodies.

How to get free large backpack

Locations : Large backpacks can sometimes be found in lockers inside these buildings; they may not always spawn here, but it's always worth checking since this will save you from buying one that would cost $10,000.

Essence It's a good idea to check every locker you go past just in case you find some decent loot.

How to get free 3-plated vest

If you want a three-plated vest, complete a Merc Camp to find a key card, or just buy one for 2,000 Essence. Merc strongholds can be a bit tough, so go and prepare them for a fight, and the self-revive will help you just in case you get downed like I did. Drill the safe to open it, and once all the merks are dead, loot it to find your free three-plated, Vest, you can find a ton of decent loot and essence at this location on the map.

Best loot spot in tier 1

Best loot spot in tier 1

This is in Tier 1, so it's perfect for new players, but be ready to fight because a lot of zombies spawn around.

Safe afk spot in zombies

Here, if you need to use the bathroom or just want to get an AFK battle pass XP, then find a safe spot to hide, like this crane. You don't get kicked for an activity in zombies, so feel free to take a break whenever you wish, but just do it in a safe location.

How to get free perk 1

If you want a free Juggernaut perk, bring a Molotov into the game and head to this.

Location of a mer camp They may sometimes spawn here, so just be careful taking them out, then throw the molotov on the campfire and claim your free perk. Only one person in the squad can do this, and it can be done once each.

How to get free perk 2

game, another fan favorite perk can be found right here on the map, and make sure you have a vehicle. Simply drive the car up and over the ramp, and you'll get a free Speed Cola perk.

How to get free perk 3

How to get free perk 3

Another useful perk can be found at this location on the map. You need to go inside the building and then run up all the stairs as fast as you can until you reach the roof. This will reward you with stamina.

How to keep upgraded weapons

Perk : Before you head to this location in the Red Zone, keep in mind that this can be a bit risky to do.

You'll need to pay respects while wielding your upgraded injured weapon, and if you get lucky, you'll get back an upgraded tool and either Crystal or What you get back will be random each time, and quite often it's not worth doing, but you might get lucky, so give it a try.

How to max containment levels

Containment levels can also make life for zombies much easier, and these can be earned by farming contracts.

I prefer farming contracts in Tier 2 or Tier 3, but stick to the contracts that you're more comfortable with. Hopefully, this has helped you guys out, and be sure to subscribe if it has.

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