News - Warzone 2 Zombies - These Overpowered Weapons Quickly Destroy All Zombie Hordes

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The god gun glitch still works since it kills bosses, and you can check out that article in the description. The Lockwood 300 can also become a devastating weapon with the right attachments, so it's a pretty decent gun at killing zombies, but you will want to add the dual trigger to it if you want insane killing power.

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Once you have the dual trigger added, you will need to use the maximum amount of holding to turn the weapon into a beast, which will allow you to easily take out large groups of zombies with no hassle at all. Pack-a-Punch in two and upgrading with a legendary tool will allow you to survive inside the Red Zone without much issue, but Pack-a-Punch 3 will make things much easier.


Once it's fully upgraded, you'll be able to easily survive in the Red Zone and farm as many kills as you need. It can take out groups of zombies with no issues, and it's also good at taking out the smaller bosses. The one place it does not shine is taking out the mega Abomination. It took forever just to kill one using this gun, so skip the Bounty contracts and stick to the raid weapon contracts or Outlast contracts.

Loaded farming xfill kills in Tier 2 have never been easier, and this weapon is great at taking out multiple zombies at once, so you will definitely want to use this weapon with Max of Hold if you're after easy. XP, the rgl, is another weapon that becomes amazing when you use the mags to hold it; it's probably the quickest way to earn XP this weekend, and I'll show you my two favorite methods.

You're going to need a PhD flopper equipped, or you will take damage from the RGL. You will also need to pack-and-punch the weapon, or its ammo will not always explode on impact. It took over 100 shots to kill this mimic because the ammo just kept bouncing off of him, so to avoid this, pack-a-punch the gun, and then it will have no issue clearing out large groups of them.

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Zombies: It's another gun that does not work great at taking out big bosses, but it's a good weapon for one teammate to use to take out nearby zombies while the other teammates focus on the boss. If you want to farm XP fast, then start up an Outlast contract and activate the PN, then just cancel the contract when it reaches 95%.

Now you can just run around in circles spamming the trigger button, and zombies will continue to spawn for the whole game, making this a really good way to rank up fast. A good trick is to aim close to your feet, and this will kill all zombies around you, giving you an easy time. XP, for even faster XP Head to an XO location and do the respawn glitch.

You can check out the article in the description that shows you how to do it. Thanks to the rgl, you can kill multiple zombies very fast, and you can see how much XP I'm getting in just a few seconds, so this is definitely the quickest way to earn rank XP for double XP weekend. Hopefully this article has helped you guys out, and be sure to subscribe for more.

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