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Welcome back to another article, and this time I'll show you how to duplicate your insured weapons and all your favorite zombies. Loot, and a big shout out to Nick for helping us with this one. If you want to duplicate your insured weapon, put a weapon you don't care about into the primary weapon slot, and then put your insured weapon into the second slot, a Max Essence.

Tombstone might make this glitch a bit easier, and you can check out the article in the description showing you how to do it. If you're looking for a Cod service that offers it all, they can provide assistance to those of you who need help unlocking the nuke skin. Mastery camos or even zombie schematics are safe and reliable and have all sorts of different options for you to choose from.

You'll need to start up a raid weapon contract and set interact. Behavior: tap to interact or prioritize; interact. You'll also need a wonder weapon case, a self-reviving Molotov, and to make sure your insured weapon is in the second weapon slot. Throw the molotov at your feet, and then you'll need to interact with the safe when your health bar reaches 50%.

You will then need to use the self-rev or have a pet dog rev. Once you've been revived, you'll notice you still have both of your weapons equipped, but you will also have a blank weapon slot. You can now stick any wonder weapon into that blank slot by opening the weapon. Case, then drop the weapon in the first slot to the ground, and you'll see the wonder weapon appear.

Now you can just fill it with those weapons. Once you get back to the lobby, you'll see that your insured weapon is now a contraband, but your insured weapon slot will be on cooldown. You can instantly reduce the cooldown by exfilling with a good amount of essence, so maybe have a friend drop a bunch for you before you leave the game. This will allow you to dup your insured weapon back to back to fill up your contraband, Stash.

Duplicate everything glitch

Duplicate everything glitch

This glitch can also be done completely solo by doing the Tombstone glitch, and you can check out the article in the description showing other working Tombstone methods. You'll want to fill your inventory with items you want to dup, and two blood burner keys will make this glitch easier.

You'll need to dupe your weapon the same way as before using the raid weapon contract, and then you'll want to bring the blood burner bike to this location on the map. Bike: You'll need to drive the bike out onto the water, then get off the bike and quickly get back onto it. This will make it teleport you close to the out-of-bounds, then get off the bike and vote.


Yes, when the timer on the screen is switching from 7 to 600, quickly run into the out-of-bounds. If you timed it right, you'd keep your weapons and loot and set up a tombstone. At the same time, you'll see the warping animation and then the elimination screen. When it says dark ether in the top left corner of the screen, close the game, restart the game, and head back into zombies.

You should see your insured weapon is now a contraband, and you will still have the original insured weapon, so it won't even be cooling down. You can fill your whole contraband stash while solo using this glitch, and your tombstone will stay in every match, allowing you to dup items, essence, and weapons over and over again.

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