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Welcome back to another article, and double XB weekend is here, so I'll quickly go over the best way to grind XP. Methods: There are daily challenges and weekly challenges you can complete to get easy XP. These can be completed in multiplayer war zones and zombies, so they are definitely worth farming while playing the game.

Easy non-combat xp

Easy non-combat xp

A limited-time game mode called Get High has been added, and each game lasts 10 minutes. You can shoot targets to get 200 XP, and you'll earn 1, 000 XP for every checkpoint you pass.

This is all about Parkour, so if you're looking for a different way to earn XP, then you can check out this game mode. The higher you climb, the more XP you get, but throwing decoys in multiplayer might just give you faster XP. If you are not leveling up fast enough, then check out {746}. For all your Call of Duty needs, they can provide assistance to those of you who need help unlocking the nuke skin.

Mastery camos or even zombie schematics are safe and reliable and have all sorts of different options for you to choose from.

Afk glitch for rank xp + weapon xp + tokens

If you are looking for AFK XP to level up your battle pass, then you can check out my AFKXP article in the description. Some people were having problems going AFK, so if you don't feel like using zombies for AFKXP, then you can check out this plunder glitch.

Make your way into plunder with Squad Fi turned on and stay on the plane until the very end. You should see a few AFK players dropping to the ground. Simply damage one player so the game knows you're not AFK, and then you can put your controller down for some reason. When you do this, the game will not kick you for inactivity.

You can then go AFK for the whole game while your teammates complete their contracts. This will reward you with rank XP and weapon XP while AFK. You will need to do this for every game, but it's a nice trick to use to get easy battle pass tokens. This can also be done with Squad Field turned off, but you will earn less XP with the bonus of not hurting the game for other players. The XP you get will depend on whether you're solo or not, and you can earn a good amount of XP if your teammates complete a lot of it.

Unlimited xp exploit (fast weapon xp)

Unlimited xp exploit (fast weapon xp)

You can also do this with a friend if you end up in the same game. The friend can do most-wanted contracts, and you can kill them for speed. If your friend wants to go AFK, have them damage you a bit, and then you just need to kill them.

You can then run around looting and completing contracts to level up crazy fast.

Best xp method for solo

Even without a friend dying over and over, you can still earn amazing XP by just farming plunder contracts. You'll get great weapon XP and rank XP, and you won't really need to kill anyone if you just focus on Intel or scavenger contracts.

There are also a lot of challenges in War Zone, so try to complete those at the same time for an extra chunk, The more contracts you complete, the more XP you get, so try and farm them the whole game to level up fast.

Tips to maximize xp

You can also bring along some decoys and throw them towards other players to get extra XP.

Plunder will probably be the best mode for XP this weekend, but you can keep watching if you like zombies more.

Broken xp glitch in zombies

Broken xp glitch in zombies

If you're a zombie fan, then head to Xville and call in the chopper. A normal amount of zombies will spawn in there, so kill them until the chopper is getting ready to leave. Once the chopper gets into the air and starts to fly away, you will need to leave the fill location. You can do this quickly using a scorcher, but you can also use a fast vehicle like an ATV.

Make sure you go a good distance away and wait a few seconds before returning. It's best to return. When The Green Smoke is just about to reappear, it should still work even if you're a bit late. This will trick the game and make an extra amount of zombies appear, but this glitch will not work if other players are near the xfill, so make sure you're alone.

This will give you a ton of rank XP and weapon XP, but there is a weapon XP cap, so when your gun stops leveling up, you can fill it and repeat it again in the next. Game, this trick also works in Tier 2, but I suggest a maxed-out gun with all the perks since these zombies can down you fast. Just like before, fly away with the hopper and return a few seconds later when the X gas responds.

You probably won't get it to work every single time since the timing can be a bit HIIT and miss, but when it does work, you can level up everything crazy fast.

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