News - New" Solo Dark Aether Tombstone Glitch (loot Dark Aether & Never Lose Tombstone) Warzone 2 Zombies Glitch

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welcome back to another article, and in this one I'll show you a new Tombstone glitch and how to get overpowered weapons to use inside the dark ether. Some of us have tombstones we don't want to lose, so this glitch can help you farm inside the dark ether and keep your tombstone and gear at the same time.

You can also check out the article in the description showing you how to dup items solo if you want to fill your stash up to 200 items, bring along any items you want to use inside the dark, and make sure you have a sigil to open the portal. You'll also want to check out my sponsor, Mitch {557}. If you're wanting to unlock schematics or instantly unlock all the Mastery camos, they are the biggest and most reliable sellers with amazing deals, and they can unlock the nuke skin and other rare skins for you.

Once you have the items ready to go, drink a tombstone perk or buy one for 2,000 Essence, then head to the dark Ether Portal. You will need to complete the bad signal. Story Mission: Before you can enter the dark ether, activate the portal and then go into the water to drown. Wait until the air bar turns red, and then quickly vote.


Yes, now don't touch anything until you're standing in the dark. Otherwise, you will lose any weapons you have, so bring along a wonder weapon case so you can kill the zombies. It's also a good idea to have a legendary tool and pack-a-punch crystal. You can create an overpowered weapon by adding a legendary tool to the wonder weapon, making it four times stronger than the original once it's Pack-a-punched will help you survive inside the dark ether, but it's also a good idea to bring along a dog bone and a self-revive since you won't have any perks equipped.

The zombies in here are very tough, so never stop moving, or they will quickly kill you. Don't be dumb like me and take on. Abomination, if you get down inside the dark ether, close the game, and a tombstone will be waiting for you at the cemetery with all the items you brought into the dark ether.

gudpexi the gamer

If you end up surviving, then make your way to one of the exits to leave the match. This won't be useful for duping items, but it can be useful for those of you wanting to farm inside the dark ether and keep your tombstone. You will bring out any items you find inside the dark ether, but I was too chicken to do any contracts, so I found nothing.

In the next game, you'll see the tombstone at the church, so grab another tombstone perk and then loot the tombstone. If you're wanting a Max Essence Tombstone, then be sure to check out my article in the description. You can return to duing items using the bad signal portal, and any essence you die with will be inside your tombstone in the next game, so Farm Contractor, before duping to get more essence for your tombstone, check out the article in the description if you're wanting to quickly regrow your operators with large backpacks and legendary.

Loot, if you want to keep farming Dark either contracts and keep your tombstone items at the same time, then each game you will need to buy the tombstone perk and then reenter the dark ether using the elimination glitch.

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