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Today I'm going to show you guys three really overpowered class setups for the attack 56 that you can use in rank play. 2B setups are pro player builds, and the last one is just what I threw in there because I felt like you guys would really enjoy it. Our first setup is going to be a no recoil build that a couple of different pro players use in the CDL we have on the demo clean shot grip, the tvxline, the 17.5 inch Tundra Pro Barrel, the tread 40 muzzle, and also the FSS Shark Fin 90 as our underrail.

Like I said, this is a no recoil build built for long range shooting. Like I said, this is a no recoil build built for long range, so it is going to be really good on maps like lsilo, and the ads speed and sprint to fire speed really isn't that bad, so you can actually use it on any map and not worry about close range situations, and of course you're still going to get beat by avasnev.

In close range, but you're really not going to notice that big of an impact to your mobility while using this setup, so all I'm trying to say is don't be afraid to use it on smaller maps, even though this really is built for a long-range map, and our next setup is one that I actually built, which might even be G8 in the Pro Community, which is okay because we have cheaters and hackers all over the place in ranked place, so breaking the Ga 2 might not be the worst thing either way.

best taq 56 class

This is a pure mobility build we have on a demo clean tracker up to the TV Cardinal stock high velocity and the FSS SharkMan 90. We don't have any recoil-controlling attachments on this setup, which is fine because by default, the T6 really doesn't have too much recoil, so in close to mid-range situations, we can definitely get away with a setup like this, which has an insane amount of mobility while also having just average recoil and control.

I mean, just check out the ads; this is faster than the Vasnav, and you definitely will win a lot of close-range gunfights against the Basnev. With this setup, the sprint to fire time might also be faster than a vasnav's sprint to fire time; it's pretty close depending on whether you're using a muzzle or not, but I mean, you could just jump around corners with this setup left and right and have plenty of mobility on this setup, which is crazy, and the best part about this build is that the recoil is low.

best taq 56 class mw2

Really isn't that bad as I mentioned while going over the class setup, you can definitely still hit your shots with this weapon. You're not going to consistently beam people at long range, but you're going to have a very fun time with this setup. I would definitely recommend trying it out, and if you're not a fan of the first two setups, then don't worry because this is a great middle-ground build.

You're going to have good mobility and good recoil and control with this setup, and you're going to be able to use this gun on any map in any situation. This is Octane's current CDL class setup, so definitely copy it down and try it out if you want to play like Octane we have on the demo with the clean shot grip of the TV X9 Pro High Velocity, the FSS dark Vin 90, and the 17.5 Tundra Pro apparel.

best taq 56 class setup 2

The ads' speed is actually really solid on this setup because we're not using a muzzle. And the recoil control is pretty solid as well, as you can see, so if you don't like the first two class setups, you can definitely try out this third one. With that being said, I'm going to show you guys some gameplay with these glass setups; you already get a pretty good feel of what the builds are going to be like just from the firing range.

clips I showed earlier in this article, so there's not going to be too much structure to it; it's just going to be a mosh pit of clips that I've gotten within the past day or so in ranked play with these setups. And with that being said, let's just go ahead and get straight to the gameplay, actually.

I realized I made a little mistake while recording these gameplays. I just thought I'd throw that in there in case you guys noticed that and we're a bit confused. Definitely stick to the TV X9 Pro for your no recoil build and mid-range build, but with that being said, let's just go ahead and get straight into

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