News - Optic Dashy Pro Taq-56 Class Setup Is The Ar Meta. Best Taq-56 Class Setup Warzone 2


The Attack 56 is a high-damage, low-recoil assault rifle in Modern Warfare 2, and it is the current Pro AR meta of the Call of Duty League. With this article coming out the day after Call of Duty League Major 2 ended, it seemed right to take a look at a class setup for a professional player's tac-56, so today we are going to be taking a look at optic dashy's tac-56 class setup before we look at the attachments.

As per usual, a quick disclaimer on a professional class setup: the only thing professional about this is going to be the TAC 56 build; the rest of the class is not dashies. With that said, we're going to start off with my secondary books. My unprofessional pistol build is going to be my AKMBO X12S.

They have the one milliwatt pistol laser, the XRK, Luc 9 barrels, and the XRK lightning fire triggers in the 33-round magazines. Normally, I would not run these as a Kimbo, but I just need to get the camo challenges done. The rest of the class is pretty standard tactical, and the stun lethals are available.

I'm using a new class, and I wanted to experience it in its purest form. If you would like to add your own tunings, by all means do that for pubs. I just wanted to experience it firsthand, and this is more appealing to the competitive audience that's probably going to make its way into this article.

best taq 56 class

I have the ability to cross-reference a lot of things to find the class setup that Dashi himself posted, so if you don't like the class, go yell at Dashie, don't yell at me. With that said, we're going to start off with one of the attachments that I am sure is okay to be on this; we have the demo clean shot grip.

This is the Sprint to Fire and aimed on site speed grip with a little bit of a hit to recoil control, but the attack 56 has really good recoil controls, so we're actually not losing a lot, and then, like I said, for some of you who would like to tune this weapon for recoil control, you can do that, but even without any tunings, this thing is still a laser beam going up to the stock, and this is one of the attachments that I don't really understand why.

best taq 56 class mw2

Pro players change because, in my personal opinion, I think the X-Line Pro Stock is objectively the better option here, but I'm not Dashy. This is a walking and sprint speed with a little bit of hit-aiming stability. The biggest thing compared to the X-Line Pro Stock is that there is no loss to recoil control here, so that is a plus on that front coming up to the barrel.

This is the one attachment where there is no variety whatsoever among the pros. Dashi uses the FSS shark-fin 90 barrel. This is just aiming for idle stability. There's no downside to using this attachment, which is one of the biggest reasons that I think this is one of the better attachments in the entire game just because there's literally no downside to using it, and then here's where we go off the rails.

I did so much research to find out if this attachment was actually right because I was convinced that ammo types were banned because I don't see why they wouldn't be. It actually makes no sense to me why ammo types are not banned in this game, but Dashi uses the 5.56 high-velocity rounds on attack 56; these are plus bullet velocity with a little bit of a hit to damage range.

best taq 56 class setup 2

Now normally I would say that's not that big of a deal, but I actually felt, in some instances, that the minus damage range made me actually stop shooting at people, even though they weren't dead. We are talking about a professional player's class setup here, so my personal opinion may not mean anything in this scenario, but I do think a muzzle device is more beneficial than high-velocity rounds.

But then again, like I said, my opinion probably means nothing considering we are talking about one of the best people to ever pick up a controller's class setup. Jose, we have a great day after this article ends: a pizza. I can't; it doesn't matter, like I'm pre-firing. On the corners, it just doesn't matter; they're just better.

In the harsh reality of life, they are better than me. There are so many people on my screen shooting back at me right now. I have one guy on my team who has like three fewer kills than me. Everyone else is just kind of existing in my space and not really

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