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best taq 56 class

The subletters won the major one, and they're positioned in first place in the standings, but I did notice something interesting about the assault rifle players on this team. Priestha had a great tournament, of course, but Skies is the number one KD leader for the CDL, so I decided to go over to Skye's twitch channel and find out what attack class setup he's using, and it's kind of interesting, yes.

It's not just because of the class setup, but I have looked through a lot of different class setups for this weapon, and I have not seen anyone use the same class setup that Skies is using. I mean, come on, the number one player in the league. KD, is using this tactic and class setup, so if you're not using it, you're doing something wrong, but either way, let's go ahead and take a look at this class setup that Sky used in order to win a major championship.

The first attachment will be the demo clean-shot grip. This will be for our rear grip; it's going to give us a boost or sprint to fire speed and aim down sight speed, basically. Next up, we have the TV X line Pro Stock; this will give us a boost to our crouch movement speed, sprint speed, and aim down sight speed.

best taq 56 class mw2

I see a lot of people using this stock, but I also see people using the Cardinal stock; they're both mobility-based. attachments, but they're unique in their own ways. For example, the TV X9 Pro gives you a boost to your aim-down sight speed, and the Cardinal Stock gives you a boost to your strafing speed, so it does come down to personal preference.

You can take a look at these two, think about what your playing style is, and pick the best option for you. But if you want to use what Skies uses, then go ahead and stick with the TV X Line Pro for our third attachment. Skies is using the high velocity attachment, which will give you a big boost to your bullet velocity for your long-range gunfights.

I would say only half of the pros use this attachment because it really doesn't come into play too often because you really do need a long-range gunfight for this to actually benefit in your favor, and since the pro maps in this game are pretty small, there are only a few situations in which you're going to need a booster bullet velocity, but either way.

best taq 56 class setup

Skies does use it and he seems to enjoy it a lot, so we're going to keep it on for this class setup. Next up, we're going to be taking a look at our under-barrel attachment, and there are two attachments. Here, most pro players use one of them, the Commando 4 grip, and the other, the FSS Shark Fin 90 grip.

Both attachments give you a boost in stability, but the Commando 4 grip also gives you a boost in recoil stabilization, making it much easier to hit your shots. That being said, you do have a con on this attachment, which is aimed at low sight speed on the FSS Truck Van 90. You have no cons, but Skies decided to go with the underbarrel, which gives them a little bit of extra recoil and control even if it does mean you lose a bit of mobility, and the reason why he does this.

I'm pretty sure, is because he's not using a muzzle. He completely skips over that, so you're not going to get any extra recoil or control from that muzzle, and without using a muzzle, the only way that you're going to get any extra vehicle patrol on this class setup is with the Commando 4 grip attachment.

best taq 56 class setup mw2

Skies does use the Commando 4 grip, so if you're trying to make that same build, then stick with that, of course, and then Our final attachment here from Sky's class setup is going to be the 17.5. Inch, you're going to get a damage boost hit by accuracy and bullet velocity with this attachment on most Pro players do use this Barrel, but I do see some class setups that don't have it on.

I would recommend keeping it on, though it's really good for your mid-long range gunfights, and I understand that's going to be the entire class setup that Skies uses all of these attachments, which are very common, and I understand that, but the combination of these attachments is what makes it unique.

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I've looked at a lot of class setups and I've made a lot of builds from different players this year for attack 56, and I have not seen anyone use this combination. If you take off high velocity and put on a different muzzle, or if you take off high velocity, switch your stock, and then change the underbarrel as well, then you might have the same class set up as other people, so yes, it's very similar to other builds, but it's the first time I've seen it, and I actually feel very comfortable with this setup.

Also, pros do not tune their attachments, so if you're trying to go into CDL or MOSFET with the tuned weapon, I don't recommend it, but I'm sure most of you guys will be using it. This is in your regular lobby, so I'll go ahead and show you some tuning that you could use. Just remember that these aren't tunings from a pro player; this is just what I would do if I were to tune this last setup.

Starting off with our rear grip tuning, we're going to move our bottom slider to the left towards sprint to fire speed at -0.28, and our left slider is going to be moved up towards recoil steadiness at 0.19. And then we're going to head up to our stock attachment and tune the bottom slider to the left toward aim walking speed at negative 0.93 and our left side toward aim walking speed at 1.16.

modern warfare 2 best taq 56 class

then head on over to our high velocity attachment, and we're going to tune our left slider all the way up to damage range; we're fully maxing out that left slider, and on the bottom slider, we're moving that to the right at 6.39, towards bullet velocity for the Commando 4 grip; our bottom slider is going to be moved to the right at 0.19, towards aim idle stability, and our left side is going to be moved towards aim down sight speed at a negative 0.19.

And our final tuning is going to be for our barrel. We're going to take the bottom slider and move that right towards damage range at 0.12, and then the left side is going to be moved up to equalize the setting, which is now at 0.13. Once again. I don't recommend that you tune any of these attachments because the pro players don't tune their attachments, and sometimes tuning these pro player builds can actually make them worse than what they were to begin with.

modern warfare 2 best taq 56 class setup

Okay, so now that you all have your class setups ready to go. I'm sure you want to see some gameplay with this build, and since this is a pro player class setup, you might expect me to go into the CDL Mosh Pit to show off this class, but if I do that. I'm going to get like a 30 to 35 kill victory, and that's really not too many gunfights.

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