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Now I have to say that the M13B is easily a top 5 AR here in Modern Warfare 2.

Class setup

Now that we're getting into my classic guys, we're going to go over here to the muzzle first, and we're going to be adding on the Crovis Slash Gen 2. Now this is one of my favorite attachments, here in Modern Warfare 2.

It's going to help with muzzle flash concealment and recoil addiness, kind of like how the flash hider for the SMGs is; you can keep the weapon more calm and very steady, and it's going to help us be more accurate at those longer ranges. With the m13b having a fast fire, we're going to add some attachments on that's going to make the weapon more calm and easy to control at those longer ranges, and it's going to help you get more kills basically at any range with no trouble, so we're going to be adding this on for our first attachment, just helping the weapon be a little bit more steady, a little bit more smooth, and calm for this first attachment.

best m13 class mw2

Here, now jumping down to the underbarrel, I decided to go with the Edge 47 grip. Now this can help with Amy Idol stability, and it's going to help with recoil stabilization again. We're going to add some attachments to it. It's going to make the weapon a little bit smoother and easier to control, and this attachment is going to come in handy here.

This is one of the best underbolts for most assault rifles and LMGS. I believe it's on LMGS, and I think it's on some SMGs. As well, this attachment really comes in handy. You're going to love this attachment, so make sure to have this one on as well. Now, for most of my builds, I would add on a magazine, but we're going to skip that.

We're going to keep the base 30 round mag on here today, so we're going to go over here to the rear grip, and we're going to be adding on the d37 grip for a little bit more recall control, and what these three attachments are here You're going to have full control of the build; you only need these three attachments.

best m13b class

It's going to make the weapon really smooth. You're going to have full control of the build, and especially once we get into our tunes, the weapon is just super nice, and you can take your gun fights to any range with full control of the build. You're not going to miss any shots now. To help the build be a little bit more aggressive, we're going to go stock, and we're going to be adding on the m13c.

Factory stock just has that run-and-gun type of play style: move faster around the map, get into more engagements, and get more kills. It also has more mobility while aiming down sights, which is very helpful. Then, getting into our final attachment for the optic, I decided to go with the SIM Line Pro.

I'm not a huge fan of the iron sights, but if you are, you can replace this with any attachment you like, like maybe a larger magazine-size ammunition. Type, or anything else, but in today's gameplay I went with the Sunline Pro. Now the tunes that you're going to want to use for this build are going to start with the Slimline Pro here.

best m13b class mw2

Now I have my eye position out far at 1.96 and our aim down size speed of 1.65, where Amazon sites a little bit faster, which is good, and also for a red dot sight, it's going to look a lot cleaner and a lot better to see out of, and it's just going to make it where we have less visual recoil windfong or weapon since the M13 does have a fast fire rate, which is going to come in handy here.

Now for the m13c factory stock, we have our aim walking speed at 1.63 and our aim down size speed at 2.58, still working on some handling, we're aiming down slides to lightning quick now, and we also have more mobility while aimed on sight, so when aimed down sights, if you're in those gun fights and you move left to right, it's going to be hard for your targets to hit you, so that will help you stay alive a little bit longer in those gun fights, and it's going to feel like you have stalker on.

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We're going to put our gun kit control at Point 32 in our aim down size speed up of 0.61, and for the rest of the build here on screen, we have the combat knife, the stone grenade, and the semtex for my perk package. I do have scavenger double time, fast hands, and a bird's eye, and we are running dead silent in the ammunition box, so we are quiet all the time, being stealthy.



My friends couldn't kill me like that. Come on, I saw you, buddy. Yes, sir, all right, give me a good game with this M13, please. I think this is my first time using the M13b in a while, but I will have to say 100 percent that the M13b is so much better than the M13c, my Snoop Dogg. What are you doing, buddy?

I think the only thing that I give the m13c is that it has the m13c has just a little bit more mobility than the m13b, but honestly, any day of the week, I would take the m13b 100 percent. So far, this is going to be a great game. I'm feeling it. I'm hoping I don't jinx it, but let's continue here and try to get a little easy nuke.

There we go. We got the advanced UAV. I'm not running resupply, so I've got to be careful. We've just got to be careful, that's it, and we kind of have them looking at the sky right now, which is good. Snoop Dogg, let's keep pushing this way to get that advance. I don't know what Brad's doing, but he's doing it.

best m13b class setup

But I'm saying 100. This weapon does have some good recoil controls, so we just have to keep them up. Just give me a nuke, and there we go. Okay, there's our first MGB nuke, all right. We might be able to still get like a double nuke out of this; we just have to go on a big gun streak, though I might just take a big gun streak.

I do need to be careful because these guys, I'm sure, like these types of guys, like to use claymores. All right, this guy's going to be running through the middle. I didn't kill him. There we go on a 40-gun streak. We're taking it. We'll take it all the way. Jump up here and get punched in the neck.

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There, buddy, all right, let's get back up here. I think that's the closest I've come to dying this whole game. There we go, 45-gun streak; we'll take it; there's a 46. Go ahead and call that dead silence, and make sure no one's in these corners. You've got to be careful. I'm sure they're going to be over here; they're running this way.

best m13b class setup mw2

Teammate, you literally scared the heck out of me. We can't be doing that. A 75-gun streak, and I'll be fine, honestly. And to be honest, my veto really didn't do too much crazy work here, all right, but that's an 80-kill streak. We are going to take that at an 80-kill streak, my God, an 11 uh.

Keep it up. I tried to I try to knock his head off, but let's go. An 83-kill streak right there is a kill streak, not a gun streak, but hey, we haven't gone to Flawless Game in a while, and I usually jinx it a lot, but an 83-kill streak is 83 kills without dying. That's actually kind of crazy. Let's go that's what I'm talking about.Let's go.

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