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best m13b class

Now, with my first attachment, we're going ahead and hopping into the class up here, and we're going to start with the Slimline Pro. Now. I don't like the iron sights; I know some people may, so if you do like the iron sights and don't want to use a red dot, you can switch his attachment for a barrel, a laser sight, stock high velocity rounds, or whatever you want to run for the iron sights if you like them, but honestly.

I don't like the iron sides. People are going to agree with me, so you want to run Slimline Pro for that first attachment. Now, for attachments or two guys, we have the D37 grip that's coming up with recoil control. The only reason I'm running this is because of how fast the fire rate is on the M13 sometimes.

Like, if you just woke up and you're just getting on the game, you might think the M13 actually has rapid fire because of how fast the fire rate is. This can help you control your shots a little bit better at longer distances, maybe that 30-plus meter range, but up close and being aggressive, it's really good, and if you want to switch this out for a different attachment, you can't go with the Bruin flash grip if you're going to be more up close, maybe on Farm 18 shoot.

best m13b class modern warfare 2

The House Shipment, or whatever like that, but honestly, these two are really good, but in today's gameplay and article, we're going to be using the D37 grip for attachment number three, the 45-round magazine. This is going to help with a larger magazine. Like I just mentioned about the rear grip, this weapon feels like it has rapid fire, and you cannot convince me it doesn't.

Under the barrel, you want to run the F-TAC Ripper 56 to come up with aiming auto-stabilization, hip-fire accuracy, and recoil stabilization—now this is going to make your weapon a lot easier to control. Firing, it's not going to be jumping left to right up and down as much; you're just going to have easier control on the weapon; you have that hip fire accuracy as well; and the weapon has really good hip fire, so it just makes it so much better to use it.

Also, we have a little bit of Amex ability, so this is a very helpful attachment for number four. Now, for our final attachment, guys, we have the RF Crown 50. Just like I was talking about in my last article about the top five best rank play class setups, this is going to be very helpful for that horizontal and vertical recoil control.

best m13b class mw2

I use them on a lot of my assault rifles. They're a very good attachment, so if there's any recoil in this weapon, it disappears, giving you full control of the weapon. Now it's time to tune our M13, Make the weapon a little bit easier to use, and I'll go through them faster; the article isn't too long now.

We're going to start with the muzzle here, and we're going to put our gunky control and our recoil stabilization at 0.65 in., point 20. So all this is going to do is make the weapon a little bit easier to control and, also, the weapon is not going to have as much kick, so when you know the M13 has a fast fire rate so if you hold down the trigger and just hold down that button you're not going to be looking at the sky or the ceiling wherever you may be at but honestly having this on is going to calm that down a lot so you're not gonna be looking at the sky looking, at the ceiling and your weapon is a lot easier to control now.

best m13b class setup

Now, for the d37 grip, we're just going to Max our sprint to fire speed out at. 45 and not change anything on the left bar now you can if your weapon is a little bit harder to control if you don't think it has as much steadiness, or recoil control just bump up that recoil steadiness and then for the aim down size speed If you think you want to be a little bit more aggressive and have a faster aim down side speed, go ahead and just move that down until you find the perfect one, but honestly.

I don't think you need to change anything on the left bar, just the bottom one for that Sprint to Fire speed now. For our final attachment, guys, we have the Slimline Pro, and we're just going to max out that eye position at 2.25.

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