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best m13b build

The M13b is easy to use and insanely powerful; it has a really high rate of fire and has next to no recoil. As well, you're going to hit far more of your shots, therefore killing your opponent first in the majority of situations. To top it all off, since the gun has such a little recoil, you can stick the SC Hollow, firm on as the optic, allowing you to see through smoke and outline your enemies when aiming down sight.

Overall, this gun is a mid- to long-range powerhouse, so let's jump straight into the best attachments. For the gun, make the barrel tip 14 inches. Brew in Echelon for better recoil, control, and bullet velocity, making it a lot easier to hit your shots for the tuning. go up toward Recoil Steiners by plus 0.4, then left for Ad Speed by minus 0.32.

Now moving on to the muzzle, we're going for the second tread, 40, for vastly improved recoil control both horizontally and vertically, making it far easier to hit your shots. If you really feel that you need a suppressor. This is the case for all of the silencers; they're just not as good as the non-siling, so muzzles are moving on to the tuning for the second tread.

best m13b class

Force you to go up for recoil stabilization by plus 0.41, and then write for gun kick control by plus 0.25. And onto the underbarrel, go for the F-TAC Ripper for great recoil control without affecting your shooting speed too much, keeping the gun more mobile than other attachments would, and then for the tuning, go up for recoil stabilization by plus 0.39 and then left for aim walking speed by minus 0.18.

For the muzzle, take the 60-round magazine, as this is an ammo-hungry gun, so you're definitely going to need the extra bullets. If you do feel that you're really accurate, maybe you can go with a 45-round bag, but that's really only going to be effective in solos. Personally, I still take the 60-round magazine; I just find it's far more consistent.

best m13b class setup mw2

Last on the optic, we're going to be going with the overpowered. SC Hollow, firm, as this will give you a slightly higher zoom than the ammo pv4 or the corona mini pro without giving you tons of extra visual recoil like some of the higher zoom optics too, as this is only slightly higher than what the ammo pv4 gives you, and to top it all off, it will outline your enemies when aiming downside and allow you to see through smoke grenades, as well as for the tuning, go down towards adsb by negative 2.03 and then right for the farai position by negative 1.5.

You can see the full build on the screen now, but I've got a top 10 finished gameplay on the screen now with 10 kills on the board with the m13b and the Lachmann submachine gun, and this really highlights some of the m13b, so definitely give that a watch. Thanks.

The M13b is so easy to use as it is insanely powerful, has a really high rate of fire, and has next to no recoil as well.
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