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Best m13b class setup mw2

Best m13b class setup mw2

All right, let's go ahead and create the new, absolute best, and fastest-killing M13B class setup. This DLC weapon is worth the grind to unlock because it's dominant here at Monopoly 2 after the recent update. Stay up to date with any and all class setups as well as tuning. Now for the first attachment, we're going to skip over the rear grip.

This is going to be completely pointless. On this build, we're building a no-recoil setup we can use at any and all ranges and laser people across the map. Now we are going to start off with the stock, and we're going to run the Bruin flash V4 stock to bump up that sprint speed and aim walking speed.

Being able to outgun SMG players if we get into a close rating situation now, unfortunately, you can't add to this attachment. We're actually not going to run an optic; it's going to be one of the only ARS, as opposed to maybe the cast-off variations where I do not run an optic on a long-range build.

best m13b class

Now, we're going to skip over the laser here; there's not really anything to say about this; the lasers are going to be irrelevant. On the M13, now for the barrel, we're going to rock the 14-inch. Bruin Echelon Barrel This is going to be perfect, giving us an increased damage range full of velocity and hip fire accuracy, as well as additional recoil.

With control, we're going to have literally no recoil. With this build, we can go full auto across the mat without having to worry about a thing, and that's exactly why we're rocking this on our setup. Now for the tune, we are going to bump up the aim down sight speed to negative 30 and we're also going to bump up the aim walking speed to negative 44, so not only can we snap on the players but we can also walk around aim down sight so ready to win each and every gun fight, and that's going to be crucial at those close to medium ranges.

best m13b class modern warfare 2

Now for the muzzle, we are going to rock the Echols 80. This is going to be the best muzzle of choice on the M13b, allowing us to have increased sound suppression, bullet velocity, damage range, as well as recoil smoothness. This is going to be great because we can run around their spawn and build a quick and easy streak, but we're also going to have that long-range benefit with that increased damage range, and also the recoil smoothness is going to come in handy when you do tune it by increasing the bullet velocity some more to plus 0.71, and we're also going to bump up that aim-down sight speed to negative 0.45.

We're getting the best of both worlds here. Close Range as well as long ranges now we are rocking an underbarrel and we're going to be smoothing out the recoil pattern with the f-tac-356. I've started to really enjoy the f-Tech Ripper on these long-range builds, allowing us to have aim-idle stability at the hip, fire accuracy, as well as recoil stabilization.

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Definitely go ahead and give this a try as opposed to the Commando 4 grip. Now for the second tuning, we are going to bump up that aim walking speed to negative point 21 and we're also going to bump up that aim down side speed to negative point 70, so we can go ahead and snap on the players and overall just destroy people at close ranges.

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We do have long range kind of wrapped up with this setup; why not go ahead and bump up the close range handling, and, because we do have an extra attachment slot, we're just going to go ahead and rock the 45-round magazine? Now, man, the build is going to be the combat knife stun grenade proximity mine, and then for the custom perks, we are rocking the double-time scavenger resupply.

As well as quick fixes and then obviously field upgrades, we have Pro equipped with the mission box as well as Dead Silence. This class set up to try the M13b is worth trying to unlock, and honestly, I think it's a solid AR.

Clutch m13b mgb nuke gameplay mw2

Clutch m13b mgb nuke gameplay mw2

All right, y'all, so we can do with the m13b. This weapon you have to set up a certain way; it's not a bad gun by any means, but you do have to follow literally the proper setup to a T in order to really get the best out of this assault rifle. Now, in my personal opinion. I do think they should probably buff this gun slightly, like I said; I'm not saying it's bad in any way, but compared to the Chimera.

And all i don't really notice the guy; I don't even see the guy in there, but compared to the chimera and the fact that this gun, theoretically, is not easy to unlock (like you have to go through a kind of rat race to get it by playing a different mode). I personally feel that it should hit a little harder, but at the same time, that's probably why it doesn't hit the way it does because, technically, it'd be like the "pay to win" type thing where, you know, you're forced to play something other than multiplayer to get one of the better guns in the game.

best m13b class mw2

Some of these guys have classes that have spread like no one really needs, say, a course on how to create a better class setup. This is kind of ridiculous, like when you see some amazing guns, but there are people who will run the most out-of-pocket setup on them that doesn't make any type of sense.

All right, we got the MGB, and we died we got the MGB and literally died a millisecond after we got it. It can kind of push up a little bit more, but we're literally boxed in back there like that. I felt like I was trapped in that room. I need to get ammunition, man. I need to get ammunition. UAV, I need to get ammunition, man.

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I'm about to get my ammo box; in a millisecond, there we go, and they're winning by a shitload, so we're really going to have to make something happen here. I like it, but at the same time, you really have to think about what you're doing if you can't run and gun on this

Modern Warfare 2 - Best M13B Class Setup MW2 Best M13B Tunes MW2 in Season 1! This M13B MW2 Class Setup has NO RECOIL and INSANE DAMAGE in Modern Warfare 2! Use this MW2 M13B Best Class Setup to DOMINATE in MW2! Hope you enjoy the video and make sure to have a wonderful rest of your day.
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