News - The "m13b" Received A Massive Buff Warzone 2. Best M13b Class Setup -warzone 2 Season 2

M13b class setup

M13b class setup

So the M13 finally received a buff here in Modern Warfare 2. I mentioned maybe a week or two ago that this is one of the weapons I think really needed a buff. What I said it needed. M13 ended up receiving an effective damage range buff and then also some extra damage to the upper torso, which I didn't think was needed, but at the end of the day, this thing is extremely fun now let's jump into these attachments.

So, let's get started here with a stock where I have the Rage Eight that's going to be for crouch movement speed, sprint speed, and aim down sight speed that's going to be to help the overall aggression. Of the weapon, it's still a fast-firing weapon that thrives at close to medium range, but with that effective damage range buff, we can now also take on longer range fights, but we still need to keep those aggressive tendencies.

best m13b class

The tuning on that one is one negative 1.03 toward your aim's downsight speed and one negative 1.24 toward your aim's walking speed. Now I want to talk about the laser sights here. The vlk layer 7 mobile is that while running it gives you aim down sight speed, aiming stability, and sprint to fire speed, but you can now tune your laser sights, meaning that with this vlk, we can really boost up that sprint to fire and aim down sight speed where I have it set negative 0.5 towards the sprint to fire speed and negative 51 towards your aim down sight speed, and you're going to see in game that this thing is absolutely snappy for the barrel.

We have the 14-inch barrel and Echelon, which I said was more or less effective prior to this buff. The barrel gives you damage range, bullet velocity, recoil control, and hip fire accuracy, so attack that damage range with the buff; this thing can shoot a cross-map and kill in basically four to five bullets.

Definitely the best barrel now, whereas before I really just thought you needed to use it as an SMG, where now you really don't need to. It still has SMG-like tendencies, but we could take the fights farther. The tuning on the barrel is going to be negative 0.40 for the torture aim walking speed and negative 0.40 for the muzzle aim down sight speed.

You're going to have an absolute blast. It will help spread this class to other people looking for Modern Warfare 2 articles. Without further ado, let's get into the gameplay.

M13b gameplay

M13b gameplay

It is much more usable now that the damage range The barrel feels like it has a purpose, and this weapon isn't just an SMG at this point; it actually does a very good job at being an AR, and that right there is a very good example. We still have no recoil tendencies, however. Dang well, I got the MGB nice.

I didn't even realize I got it that well. I think I just showed off the weapon exquisitely. I think I just did an extremely good job of showing that

The "M13B" received a MASSIVE BUFF in Modern Warfare 2! Best M13B Class Setup -MW2 Season 2. Timecodes.
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