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Whatever build you're using, if you're copying this one using a different build, the 45-round mag is a must-have, so we're adding this attachment on.

Fennec stippled grip

Fennec stippled grip

Now, jumping over to the rear grip, we're going to be using the stippled grip for that recoil control. We're still working on some recoil control, so you really don't need a barrel, and you're going to see in today's gameplay that the weapon still has a very fast time to kill even at those ranges because I'm hitting my bullets and the weapon shoots really quick.

I'm just working more on recall and control because you need re-control. For this build, we're going to be adding this on, and then for our final attachment before we get into our tuners, we are going to the laser, and we're going to be adding on the Vok700w, laser, for that aim down size speed aiming, stability, and spread to fire speed to help us be more aggressive.

Vlk lzr 7mw

best fennec 45 class

Now, to make this build even better, we're going to get into our tuners here, and we're going to start with the stippled grip now. Now for the brewing pendulum, which I do think is probably the most important tune here, we're going to put our recoil control at Point 27 in our recoilization of 0.46.

This weapon is so smooth and really easy to control, and with the graph in the middle, we're working more on recoil control with a huge chunk. If you look at the bottom right graph, you'll see a huge chunk of recoil control, making this weapon really easy to control at any range. You will love it.

Therefore, for our final attachment for the laser, we're going to put our aim down side speed at 32.90 and our sprint to fire speed at 0.34, but this is the fanette 45 build you need to be using here in Malford 2. It's really nice, and you're going to see in today's gameplay that zero recoil is really good at those longer ranges, and I dropped almost a 200 kill game not even on shipment, so you know the gameplay is going to be good.

best fennec 45 class mw2

Hit that sub-button. Hit that bell. You don't want to miss any more articles. This building is so beautiful. I mean, it is so nice. Zia recoils from full control of the build. They sound like someone threw up in the microphone, but I don't know. We go all right, and we also need to turn down our headset because it's going to make us deaf all right.

Let's go easy. We're in a good spot with the sentry gun, and if this keeps up, I'm thinking we're going to get some good old-fashioned gameplay with this thing all right. This guy's not looking, and I'm not too worried. Let's just be smart. Let's be smart with our pushes and just be smart in general.

There we go on a 15 already easy level 991. What level are you guys currently at? I know season five hasn't been out for too long, and I know in about eight days we will get the new We do get a new pistol, and we do get a new MP5 with an integrated suppressor, so I'm hoping. I'm hoping to be at a high enough level or finish at max level before the next Double XP Weekend.

best fennec 45 class setup

I would like to do that, man, and it is crazy just to be thinking about saying double XP weekend. I remember when I used to be so hyped. I would go to school, you know, and I would see it about 10 or 11 o'clock in the morning. Call of Duty tweeted out saying we're getting double XP. I used to be so excited, but now it's just like, It's just F.

You know, it's crazy. I have not been excited to play Call of Duty. Well, I can't say I haven't been excited; it's just the grind; the grinding is not the same as it used to be anymore. Back then, you know. I wasn't a content creator in school, so you know. I was just, you know, trying to do YouTube as a you know as a hobby, but now, a hundred thousand subscribers later, you know.

I made it into a full-time job, which I am forever thankful for. I mean, forever thankful. I shouldn't have used advanced quite yet, but we're chilling. Vito is going nuts, though. I might just keep this up, okay? Well, never mind; we're not keeping the gun straight; we're not keeping a gun streak.

best fennec 45 class setup modern warfare 2

All right, let's keep this up, though it's easy. Man, this build is so easy. I haven't used the Fanatic 45 in a while, but I will say this is a really easy build to use. There we go; let's keep this up. Easy, easy yep, they're probably going to spawn in this area, though I don't know. Chuck that over, easy.

Yeah, this pistol is a monster. I literally call this build a two-shot monster, all right? The sentry gun is back in this spot, which is the best spot to put the sentry guns. The toe is up now, and I'm going to chuck this in: I don't even know men; I don't know people that use claymores. Let me not finish that sentence because I am a guy who uses claymores.

I am a person who used to claim war, and I am not ashamed of it. Claymores are fun to use. All right, well, we're going to get that dead silence out. We're on our adventure, and out there we go. Yeah, this guy needs, like, a Pepto or something good, man. I don't know if that dude's sick or if it sounds like he is all right.

best fennec 45 class setup mw2

We're chilling i mean, regardless, we did win the game, so I would like the game to last a long time. I mean, I would like that, so I'm really hoping that the game does well. There we go. It's just using the kill feed right now to get stuff done. I'm glad we're getting so many OG weapons, though.

I know that was kind of like a random blur, but I will say that the next year's weapon list I've known of so far is insane. Thank God, I got that light kill all right. We're going to go ahead and call this veto in. This guy's going to run. Yep, there we go. I think he's okay. He's down here. I'm chilling on a 20.

I think it is a 21. I wanted to get another nuke because a lot of the builds that I've used had a lot of visual recoil. With this one, I haven't gotten much visual recoil, which is good. So, go ahead and pop that down. They might come this way, but I'm not sure. Yeah, easy this is such an incredible build.

best fennec class setup mw2

All right, yeah, this game is perfect. This is a perfect game. All right, this is going to be a good flank. I can't i was going to do some of the extra stuff. I was about to throw an ammunition box over and treat it like it was a big bomb. I used to do that all the time in war zones. All right, we're on our way.

All right, I was about to say, Well, we were on a brutal journey, but we almost died. All right, we're chilling with 142 kills as well. I do like that. I love when they spawn on this side or the hardpoint is on the other side of the map because they will literally all just spawn here, and there's our double nuke.

We should have been on like a quad nuke already, but sometimes it is what it is. Sometimes, since we're so late into the game I might just I might just say, On this gun streak, honestly, I feel like there's really no point in, yeah, he's putting up these planes. Yeah, he's going to have a good reaction after this game.

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