News - I Made The Fennec 45 Overpowered Warzone 2. Best Fennec 45 Class Setup

2 shot fennec 45 mw2

The Fennec 45 has the fastest fire rate out of all the SMGs in Modern Warfare 2, which also means it has one of the quickest times to kill the attachments. The items I've chosen for the Fennec 45's best class setup today don't seem like they would go together because they're kind of polar opposites, but I promise they come together really nicely.

Class setup

Class setup

Starting with my secondary, the Yeehaw variant of my basilisk, I finally got these things to level 30. I need a Kimbo kill to get him gold, so we have the Kimbo, basilisks, and the Kindle. I have the S40 rapid loader with the Revo LSD, 7 MW, Laser 10, a half F Arrow barrel, and the Bryson match-grade trigger actions.

I don't know if I'm going to make these my final class setups, but these things are super fun to use, and "Yeehaw!" because that's what I've been saying when I kill people with them, and people have been getting really mad at me for using these tacticals, stun lethals of syntax, or the perfect package.

2 shot mw2

Today we took off Overkill after yesterday's double Marksman rifle class setup and field upgrades, or "dead signs." Munitions box on, to the Fennec 45, we have the vlk lzr7mw, laser aimed at sight speed, and sprint to fire speed. Some of the attachments I have on really slow down the gun, but it makes our damage range actually usable, so we do need a good bit of aim-down sight.

I said that was funny. We do need a good bit of aimed-on-sight and Sprint to fire speed attachments to balance out some of the other attachments that are slowing us down. Speaking of things that slow us down, the Fennec mag 45 has 45 rounds. In case the name didn't give it away by default, the Finnick has a 30-round magazine.

I think either that or 32 This takes away from our movement speed, but it gives us 45 bullets, which are necessary. If you could not tell by most of the highlights in the intro, those were three pieces because I kept running out of AMO bullets. Mo Betta means "more bullets than necessary," and the final attachment has no tuned F-tax stock cap for the stock attachment slot.

best fennec 45 class

This is aimed at site speed, sprint to fire speed, and movement speed. You get a bunch of speed stuff and some hip recoil control, which will actually help us quite a bit because when we're aiming, those first few shots on target will be pretty handy dandy, and out of the cons, the Flinch resistance will be the worst one, but honestly.

I don't think it's that bad going down to the rear grip I have on the Finnick rubber grip. This is sprinting to fire speed and aimed at sight speed with a little bit of a hit to recoil control. The recoil on this entire build for those of you that care is a little bit too much you that care; you could always use the Finnick stippled grip, but you couldn't figure out which one it was.

This is the recoil control grip, but either way, if you use the Finnick rubber grip or the stippled grip, you're going to be tuning it for sprint to fire speed and aim down sight speed. Personally, I just prefer the rubber grip because I want my gun to be faster, but if you need more recoil control, then you use the stippled grip.

best fennec 45 class modern warfare 2

Just tune it for aim down sight and sprint to fire either way; this is the tuning you're going to use for both grips. Then finally, for the barrel, the forge attack and ninja barrel is kind of just the best barrel for the fennec in general unless you're making a movement build, but this is not a movement build.

Before we go into the tuning, some of you might be thinking, "Hey, the Finnick covert force barrel seems to be kind of not as bad whenever it comes to the movement penalties." Why don't we want to use that one? because of the hit to the recoil control. The recoiling control becomes borderline, sufferable, and unusable.

If we want to use the covert force barrel, we're going to have to go back and rework the entire weapon with different attachment minutes, and I don't want to do that because the way that I've worked this specific version of the fennec is borderline perfect for what I want, and then coming into the attack ninja tuning it so it's maxed out for recoil steadiness and aimed on sight speed, here are the five attachments.

I'm using it in the gameplay I'm about to show you. I've given you my thoughts, and you've heard my thoughts about the grips you can use and why we only want to use the attack ninja. Barrels and the rest of the attachments on this build are kind of set in stone; you need them, like I said in the intro.

Boys and girls, I hope you have a great day after this article ends. I'll talk to you guys in tomorrow's article on.

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