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Fennec 45 class setup

Fennec 45 class setup

all right So we're going to be using the best overall class setup for shooting houses, and that's going to be the Fennec 45. Obviously the fastest-firing weapon in this game, but what's very good about it is the low recoil, which means it's going to kill extremely fast at ranges like medium, of course.

This is going to be meant for aggressive players, but if you're trying to clear out the top office you're trying to clear out a hardpoint or a b-flag, this is going to be an absolutely amazing choice, and I really do love the fennec in this game. Here we're going to start with a muzzle for the AVR T90 comp.

So pretty self-explanatory, there's a muzzle for recoil control, and you're going to want that to be negative 0.59 towards your eating down sight speed plus 0.25 towards the gun kick control for the under Barrel, we have the phase three grip, and you can see that massive jump in the accuracy side of things: recoil, stabilization hip fire accuracy, and aiming idle stability.

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That's what tells you where the tuning is going to be set: negative 0.59 towards your aim down sight speed and negative 0.10 towards the game walking speed for magazine. Though you're going to want this 45-round mag, this thing just absolutely melts through those bullets. 30 is just not enough with this weapon now that we have a rear grip where it's going to be the fennec rubber grip for Sprint to fire speed and more aim down sight speed here, you're going to want this tuned plus 0.61 towards your recoil steadiness and then negative 0.15 towards the Sprint to fire speed, finishing this off here with the Agile Assault 7 stock 4 Sprint speed aim walking speed.

Crouch movement speed and aim-down sight speed—obviously, those are a bunch of important attachments. This thing's an absolute blast, and that really helps the channel out. Let's jump over to the gameplay for Shoe House. I hope you guys enjoy.

Fennec 45 gameplay

Fennec 45 gameplay

All right, we're going to be using what I feel is the best weapon for shooting houses, which is the Fennec 45. I'm not a massive shipment fan; in fact. In proper ways, I'm running a flash grenade by accident and didn't even realize it. So the setup I have laid out for you guys here is going to be one that is Metro movement, aim down sight speed.

Foreign, man, I was on a good streak there; let's just call this in. I feel like I'm just cruising around this map, though some feel confident we're going to have to take advantage of what's left here with the advanced

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