News - Dmz Best Fennec 45 Build Loadout - Op Loadout For Ai Bots And Players You Need For Warzone 2 Dmz

best fennec 45 class

I am Laserboard, and welcome to another article, guys. I'm not going to say super mid-range, but it's going to give you a good advantage. Whenever you fight someone like 30 meters away, it's still going to be able to handle itself pretty much like an AR. The only downside with the defendant guys is the amount of ammo, but that could be easily mitigated as long as you guys stock up on SMG ammo because you're going to go by the gun very, very fast now.

With that being said, what are the advantages of having authentic The advantage of being authentic is that you can kill whenever you want. You're close to someone; it's going to be extremely fast and really effective, especially if you're trying to kill multiple players at the same time. You're going to be able to do that, plus the hip fire on this is actually pretty good, and we're going to explain exactly what we're trying to do with the attachments.

So for the muscle guys, we're running the X10 RR40. Now this is going to be extremely important, especially in the DMZ, because you want to be able to kill bots without being detected. We have a plus-23 on the recoil smoothness, and we have the bullet velocity maxed out. With the maxing out of the velocity, we are going to lose a little bit of handling, but we're going to be picking this up with other attachments as well.

best fennec 45 class mw2

You want to keep it there, and the aimed walking speed is set to a negative 30. Remember this weapon; we want to make sure we're fast and mobile even while we're aiming down sights, and then for the magazine, we're running 45 rounds. This is going to be extremely crucial if you plan on killing multiple players; you're going to need the 45-round magazines.

This thing shoots so fast it's like it's spinning bullets, but it melts people really quickly, so you definitely want to run here, so we're not running any optics on this one, the reason being since this is a close range weapon we want to have as much field as we possibly can, so no optics are necessary, but we are picking up a laser on this one and we're running the VLK.

dmz best fennec 45 build

Laser. And we have once again set the AIM walking speed really high because we want to be able to aim while we're moving, and I'm moving as well, so we want to be able to move while we're moving, so we want to be able to aim while we're moving. set up really high because we want to be able to aim while we're really high because we want to be able to run and flank somewhere else, so this is definitely a weapon you want to pair up, especially if you like to play aggressively.

So there's definitely the build we want to put together with a sniper, and there you guys have it. That's the Phenix build that you guys have been asking me about on the stream, so I hope you guys enjoy it. We're getting ready for season two, so I hope you guys are ready to join the ride. Check us out.

We're probably streaming right now here. live on YouTube, so come by and hang out. I'll catch you guys on the next

DMZ BEST FENNEC 45 BUILD LOADOUT - OP Loadout for AI Bots and Players you Need for MW2 DMZ. The Fennec 45 is a high TTK weapon and can be used as an AR to help you take down bots and players in DMZ.
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