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Let's go let's go we're going to Disney World. We got 30 bombs against 30 bots. Come on, let's go. We dropped a 30 bomb, we were locked in, and we're going to Disney, guys. I just tried recording that intro without a microphone, so what I just said was that we dropped a 30 bomb, we were locked in, we were focused on having fun, and in the zone.

I notice I have my best games when I'm just playing and enjoying my time. This is in War Z, by the way, Resurgence, so it is Resurgence, so it is a lot easier, but I still had fun with it, and I hope you guys enjoy it. Smash that thumbs up and stay tuned till the end, where I share the built-in class setup, but enjoy it.

We got more mgbs on the way and more dubs on the way, so stay tuned, my dudes. Bang When I play COD, it constantly puts you in a fight or flight. I'm going to attack, or I'm going to retreat. You're constantly in that state of fight or flight. The more points you get, the better, thanks. Graves appreciates it.

Ground, y'all put me to sleep. Do something is that going to help you? What do you think? Come on, you guys are going to help. Holy smokes Why am I yawning? Well, it's almost 4 in the morning, and I guess it's a good reason to yawn. You can't say Sean without him. You know what I tell myself when no one's watching?

30 bomb

You're the best. Keep it up in my head while playing this all by myself. Just keep going. You can do it. I believe in you. I believe in my inner voice. Are you a bad guy? No, just a porta potty. Just a journal on me. I couldn't tell the difference between a trash can that's just an enemy and gas that is moving.

Lord of Mercy, have mercy. Go ahead and keep shooting. I'll stop moving. Go ahead; free shots are just for you guys. Anyone free shots out here who wants it, I return the favor perfectly. That's what I thought. Top boss free kills for days. baby free, kills that on. Your on the real thing, though there is beauty, and staying calm and cool Under pressure, kind of have fun with it.

Go with the flow. Your goal is to stay alive and drop everyone you see. Keep moving keep breaking their line of sight. You got this, Banger Banger. Hell, Res is about to end. Make it count, all right. So at this moment, I noticed I had a decent amount of kills, thanks to Graves for the heads-up that Resurgence was ending.

30 bomb 3

I locked it in; no more. Mr funny Guy is truly focused. I play my best when I'm just staying locked into the game. I feel like I'm one with the game, doing all the right things, learning from past experiences, using your equipment and supplies, whatever it is you have nearby, whatever you're using, whatever it is, just playing to your best ability.

In this resurgence mode, the skill base doesn't seem to be as ridiculous because winds don't count towards the nuke streak. It seems like all the sweats, play the normal going for that nuke, we're locked in doing what we got to do there's different modes in this game to play you might as well try them out.

There's a war zone. Resurgence there's zombies I mean, what kind of Call of Duty fan are you? What do you like to play when it's not just sweaty old? MP We are absolutely going in with this setup, and the SBA is kind of underrated. The swarm still hits if you're within 6–10 m or even closer; it's not too shabby, but beyond 10 m, other SMGs will beat it out, but for that range.

best gameplay

I mean, good luck unless they have a shotgun or another swarm. I mean, that's pretty tough to beat, especially with that Jack BFB on it; it reduces that kick so much. I don't know if it's my preferred setup or if I like using the suppressor on it, which does add more range and velocity, but this just adds so much control.

You could just use it like a hose, guys. I hope you're enjoying this. We're just locked in. Smash the thumbs up and make sure you hit subscribe. caught a glimpse of this guy before easy clean-up come on come on come on come on come on come on come on come on come on come on come on, come on the game play do the talking I don't have enough D.

I'm going to shut up. You have D. I already took your. Go, let's go, let's go get HED in going to Disney World. We got a 30 mom against 30 mods and Resurgence. Come on, come on, let's go. We're going to Disney. We're going to Disney, guys. We're going to Disney. I wanted to go to 30. That's so bad, my fibers.


Every essence of my being wanted to go to 30. I saw how many kills we were getting. I saw how many people were left. I needed all of them dead. We got them holy camo that last fight; that guy was eating the swarm. Still, the best SMG. By the way, past 10 m, it's not then the HRM 9, then the striker 9, even Amr 9.

Let's go guess what we're writing down? We're writing it down. That's clippable that game was clippable. Your support is keeping the Empire alive. I'm happy with it. I felt great. Here's my class setup: here we have the SVA 545 and the pack-up. Swarm, what are you supposed to do? That's the swarm swarming all over him.

I mean, I got a decent amount with this too, having 1, 000 plus ball velocity. I feel like I notice here's my setup: 60 High Grand Spitfire, that Precision Barrel Eagle Eye, and then the backup swarm. I replaced that suppressor with this Jack BFB, and just laser-beamed we have on this long barrel.


We also have the high grain, which adds a little more range. I actually do notice HRA with Jack BFB is a crazy combo, and then the 100 round is obviously a no-brainer because the Swarm is so fast by default that one 100 round drum doesn't actually slow it down that much. I mean, you know, sometimes you go for one thing and end up getting something else, so I'm not complaining whatsoever.

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