News - The #1 Slept On Setup. Seriously Don. T Use This. Warzone 3

1 slept on setup

I'm going to be that guy who uses the Wannabe hold-up in the last article. I thought I was going to use the KVD enforcer with this MCW. I mean, it might do something; it's got more effective range but less damage when you hit. I thought I was going to use the KVD enforcer, but the stats on this gun might be a sleeper, guys.

My life is cod. I wake up, I play, and I go to sleep. I'm probably playing on my dreams, and what do you know? We're back at it. This might seem kind of silly, but if you have a weapon equipped, like the one I have this rival 9 on right now, when I push L2, you can compare the other weapons. For example, the WSP has 18.2% more effective damage range and 20% more bullet velocity than the Rival 9, but the Rival 9 has more control and a higher fire rate.

I don't know if this helps at all, but let's compare the results. If you just look at the weapons, you could see that this gun performs better at the MTZ. The ram has better control, has better movement, and actually has a higher fire rate, but it doesn't deal as much damage by a considerable amount.


The ram is just better. I'm curious, MCW; this might do something, and besides, you have 60 bullets; how fast can you tap? That's not smart to do. Take accurate shots. You don't want to go. I mean, people will do this, and sometimes it will get you. This weapon is kind of crazy. I think I know my new favorite setup: a Marksman rifle plus an SMG Long Range close range.

Let me see the third one on it. I mean, honestly, are the 60 necessary honestly it seems like. Overkill, this gun's nuts; this might be the most slept-down weapon in the game. I'm going to test this gun out in a ground-war scenario. It's a good little practice playground for different weapon builds.

How do you like to play? Are you a close-range kind of guy, a long-range kind of guy, a versatile kind of guy, or do whatever you want kind of guy? I really dig marksman rifles. I've always liked Mrs. BRS i've always liked guns that were accurate from a distance and made pinpoint shots. This bad boy can tap tap.


fast, my je, that guy wasn't ready; he wasn't mentally prepared. Possibilities ADV that's going to come in clutch. Wait, what the hell is this? That's a carpet bomb. I might have bombed myself. We'll find out. Okay, time to take this over to the big leagues. Someone's going to say riot shield and RPG.

Just watch well, let's take it over, man. A blue dream has put me to sleep. Stay in school, get a good job, and build yourself a career you're passionate about. Drop on this guy's. Wait, that's not funny. I'm not joking when I say this. I want to smash something really bad right now. You can drop a like on this session and hit subscribe if you're interested.

This gun just ripped him apart, especially while he was falling down. We're going to want some extra sniper rounds, that's for sure. Mentally prepare yourself. I'm excited to try this gun out, man. You see that guy in there; he sees me, so I just ran once. I just shot him. I could have tried to play it.


I could have tried to bust out the SMG. Throw a smoke, just get it done; honestly, that's not over. The complicated sound effects are tripping me out, though not only is my gun putting me to sleep, I'm putting myself to sleep while using it; that's my secret cat. I'm always asleep; even when I'm awake, let's go find some action.

We nice little slip through there could have lost a limb, high risk High reward Buy one of these for good luck. I kind of wish I had enough for an air strike. Wait, is that lad close there? He is there. No, I'm going to strike you right down, and then you're taking the zip. no, who is this guy, and who do you think you are?

No, for real. Did he think he had a chance? I'm liking what I'm using right now, guys. If everyone starts using it, I would not be happy with it, so don't use the MCW 6.8; honestly, any Marksman rifle will get the J done when in the right hands. If you're playing a br match where you're engaging from far away, you don't want a gun that's not meant for far away.

new meta

Now you have your son and a weapon for close range, and I think we have that combo. Now the question is, Where the hell is it? Rested there we go. It took quite a few now. He kept plating up, but we got him. I mean, just another day—you know, another day, another dollar. Another day, another war zone dub, am I right?

Did I see a guy right there in the window? People are so creepy, you can't tell. Act like Michael Myers the moment you see him. The next time they're gone, he is there. He has nice shots. I think it's a push. Is he going to grenade my double naroo? How the hell do I get up because he's going to get up by the time I even get there?

That's truly sad, my sniper. Back there, someone else is taking Peaks and getting shot. Nice hit let's go i like guns like these that require accuracy, and as a sniper, I would rather not know more. Ammo, that's perfect. We're finding a lot of supplies, and we're looking good. Use what you can, folks.

A risky thing I'm going. In so low, this thing is dirty, but it truly shines at range. It's a marksman, rifle What am I doing if I'm playing this game and I'm not using a marksman with an SMG for backup? I'm not playing the best way I know how to play; that's my play style when I'm at a distance.


I want to drop enemies quickly, so marksmen are the way to go, and there's something about this duck that people don't expect. When they see the duck, they don't know what to think—is he a demon or a nub? We're going to find out, and then they're done. That was solid; I actually thoroughly enjoyed that, so I'm using it with a 30 cuz in Solo 60.

It just seems like overkill, you know. Resurgence mode: just imagine, just tap it away, just keep tapping. This G yo this gun actually seems broken, like just shooting it right now and how much damage it has. Deals, guys, try this out but actually don't try it out thoroughly impressed. Imagine teams all rocking this and just blasting 60 rounds of high-caliber rounds.

I think 30 for normal and then 60 for resurgent.

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