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You have people with all these pay-to-win skins, and I don't care what anybody says, and I am working on a article of you talking about this in more detail. The pay-to-win elements are clear to see in DMZ. Again, that is done because it wants people to actually give in. level up a weapon, which takes a lot longer than it ever has now, and obviously that's tied into the mon monetization system, where now you can go to the shop and buy exactly what weapon.

You know what you want, and all these weapons in the shops tend to be you know the metal weapons for a reason. They want people just to buy that meta weapon with all the attachments on, and you've even got pro tuning in this game now, which is crazy. Yeah, it's just there as monetization, System, so look, we're going to reward you for buying these weapon skins, which, as you know, Pro tuning on it has all the meta attachments and meta loadouts.

We're going to reward you for buying those skins and spending your money on the game, just because. We want to get you playing against lesser players than yourself so you have more fun, so therefore you're likely to spend even more money, and again, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that surely Activision is going to want to make the gameplay experience as good as they can for people who are spending money compared to people who aren't spending money.

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I kind of went a bit off topic with this article, but I'm going to pay attention when it is in Call of Duty. I don't care what anybody says; it's plain to see in DMZ because the operator I'm using now gets a free UAV, which is completely madness considering that when this operator skin got released, you could have like teams of four in Wars.

Well, you can actually have, yeah, teams of four right now. So again, you could spawn in at the start with three people; you've got three UAVs; they kind of did change it so much that you couldn't call it in instantly and had to wait one minute on a cooldown. I think that's kind of where DMZ went wrong.

I'm sure they could have monetized this game differently. You know, they could have had the insurance cooldown lowered. You know, you pay to have that lowered. Again, with a skin, I've got well, sorry. With a weapon, what comes with this bundle is the actual sniper rifle. You keep seeing me cool down the weapon for 15 minutes.

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Normally, it's an hour or two hours, depending on whether you know what you're using. So yeah, I think DMZ where it went wrong was it went too much pay to win. I'm sure they're going to have a similar system in the Cold War. Sorry for the outbreak of DMZ zombie mode; whatever it's going to be called, we don't know as of yet exactly what it's going to be called.

But I'm just kind of disappointed because the game I'm playing at the moment is DMZ; that's all I'm playing. Again, now it's a lot more PVE than what it used to be, like the game used to be, with a heavier emphasis on PVP. It used to get people just playing the game to ruin everybody else's experience, so you get a sweaty squad of three just camping the extraction points, and that's all the do-it-all game.

It's not as bad as that, and now I don't know how matchmaking works to prevent that. Maybe all these PVP players have now gone to play War Zone, but again. I don't know how they've done that, and I kind of think that's the biggest problem with DMZ, and unfortunately, you know. I love H having well after having a good day at work.

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You know, grind it out. Come home i'm pretty knackered and pretty worn out. I've done all my chores. You know, I sorted my son out. You took care of your family. I want to jump on a game and have a casual gameplay experience, and the best way of doing that, in my opinion, if you still want to play some Call of Duty-related games, is by jumping on playing some.

DMZ, again, the emphasis now is more on PVE than PVP, and again, with the new Zombies mode coming out in Modern Warfare 3, they take that one step even further by saying that it is just 100% PVE. There's no play-versus-player combat anymore, so I'm kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place. Yes, I enjoy DMZ.

Yes, it's a bit frustrating every now and then. Maybe one in 10 games I come across a sweaty team of three; they're clearly better than me; they're organized; they're in voice chats on Discord chats. That is annoying, but I also like the whole fact of DMZ. I drop in and do those missions that you've just seen on screen right now.


I enjoy that, and I don't know if we're going to get that same kind of level. Zombie is really going to kind of intrigue me this year. Again, it's the only thing I'm looking forward to. In Modern Warfare 3, I've genuinely got no interest whatsoever in multiplayer because of skill-based matchmaking.

Again, if you buy all the skins in multiplayer, it might give you easier lobbies, and a lot of people kind of think that no, you don't get easier lobbies if you've got skins. Now let me just talk about my experience. I've got no kind of analytical data to back this up, but I'm not stupid. Back when I used to buy skins, you know, back when Vians War Zone was like, well, lockdown Vians, as we all used to call it, I used to get wins, guys.

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I was buying skins back then since I stopped buying skins because I thought I was going to kill the hostage by accident, but back when I used to buy skins, I used to win games on War Zone. I stopped buying skins for a few months and then looked. I don't win games anymore; I just don't think this is a coincidence, because since I've bought this skin on DMZ, which again is blatantly paay to win, you get a free UAV, you get your reduced weapon cool down, but I seem to be coming across worse.

But yeah, this is it; it's definitely giving me easier lobbies back in the war zone days. Maybe you could argue the fact that I used to play COD a lot more than I do now. Maybe I'm not as good as I used to be. I'm getting older, and reaction times are getting slower, but I genuinely don't think that's the issue.

I just think that it all makes business sense from Activision, and remember, guys. Activision is a business; they've got skill-based matchmaking in the game for a reason; it obviously makes them more money, and I think you can extend that by doing all the skins you buy. Whoever is ultimately activated is going to want to play their article game; they're going to want the people to be engaged to continue playing the game.

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Whoever spends money, they're a business; they're going to want to make the game as enjoyable as they can for people who buy skins. All the big YouTubers buy skins; they all seem for some reason to get easier lobbies than average players like myself. I'm an average player, and when I'm playing the game, I get quite clearly more difficult lobbies than what they get.

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