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The Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 update cycle so far has been an interesting one, to say the least. Obviously, when each game first launched, the updates were kind of sporadic and random. It would seem sometimes we'd randomly see a major update go live, and other times we'd see some small bug fixes here and there.

That's kind of how it is at launch. So first up, let's focus on my concerns for some of these future updates, and this is primarily focused on the multiplayer side of things for Modern Warfare 2 because, to be honest, since the launch of Warzone 2 multiplayer, it has been very much overshadowed. Obviously, that's sort of to be expected to a certain extent.

Yes Warzone is the core focus for their main player base; that's where they have their largest player base because it is free to play, and DMZ is sort of tacked on there as well because that's a part of the free to play experience too, and rightfully so because Warzone 2 and DMZ both have had a handful of updates that address multiplayer.

We have had a handful of updates that address multiplayer, but things here and there on the content side have been lacking. I mean, we look at season one reloaded, and we didn't really see all that much for multiplayer. Yes, we got the raid, which is cool, but that's sort of like a one-and-done type of deal.

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It's cool, but it's nothing too crazy. Then, for multiplayer-specific content, a lot of it is shared between all three modes in MW2 and DMZ, and with the new weapon and new operators for multiplayer-specific content, we got shipment, which, let's be real, is nice to have. Yeah, it's going to be great for camo grinding and leveling up quickly, but it's still another recycled.

Map to Stack on Top of the Already One Content Offering gave us two maps that we have from the start of the season in Shoot House, so the Season One Content Offering gave us two maps that are not new; they're just recycled or remakes, and they're good maps for certain things, but it's still disappointing not to see any new multiplayer map content on your first major update of the year.

On top of that, some of the original maps in the game are already struggling to stay in the game. Obviously, Museum has been removed ever since the beta, and we don't get to play it anymore because of legal issues. There are still questions on if the hotel map is going to be able to stay in the game because of the legal issue, so there's already been maps removed from the game and we've yet to see a new unique one added outside of the Rocket League mode, which got a unique map before multiplayer, as my buddy Espresso said a few days ago, so definitely lacking in terms of that, and when we look forward to it, it will not be much better news for the multiplayer side of things at least now.

Should we expect big updates for mw2 soon?

Should we expect big updates for mw2 soon?

Obviously, we've got a ways to go until season two, and that's going to be part of a conversation here in a bit, but February 1st is the target date for season two right now, so in the time between now and then we're going to learn a lot more about what season two is going to bring to all modes in the game.

But, what we know already according to leaks and rumors, is that one of the new multiplayer maps—and at this point we can expect probably two to three new multiplayer maps per season—is going to be another remake. Castle from World of War in Vanguard. So, if that does end up coming to fruition, out of the first few maps that we've seen added to Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, they would all be remakes or reused maps and nothing actually new or unique now.

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If you're a fan of remix, that's great, but also being that this is a new game, I feel like there is a certain standard to expect when it comes to actual new content releasing. On top of that, it's also been rumored that we're going to have other reused content as well, in the form of Ronin returning as a new operator and also potentially Velikin returning as a new operator, so the new content updates, at least for multiplayer, seem to be very underwhelming so far. So far, multiplayer is getting updates, but a lot of this content is not necessarily new to the franchise, and moving forward, you know, we already have all these leaks and rumors for the year two content as well, which is supposedly all the old classic MW2, and MW3 and COD 4 iconic maps are also all returning their remix, so the reuse of the recycled, the remade content here seems very overwhelming, and that does concern me for the longevity of MW2, multiplayer, when the unique content definitely is not nearly as frequent as some of the other content, so that to me is Now that, as you heard me say earlier, we have a ways to go until season two, which is our next major update, with really nothing confirmed happening throughout January, maybe outside of a few reveals for season two content, we are lacking actual content updates in that time.

Coming updates for warzone 2, modern warfare 2, & dmz should be game changing

Coming updates for warzone 2, modern warfare 2, & dmz should be game changing

I'm hoping that they're going to use that time to add in many different fixes, upgrades, and improvements, not only to Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer but also to War Zone 2 and DMZ. Let's try to get 2,000 likes on this one, but yeah, in this sort of gap period that we now have between this point and the launch of season two, much content is expected, so after the devs do return from break.

I'm expecting things to ramp up in terms of gameplay improvements, updates, and upgrades. Recently, they have definitely stepped it up in terms of overall communication. Really, since season one Reloaded dropped, we've been seeing more frequent updates, more frequent posts on their Twitter, our Twitter being rather Raven and Infinity Ward talking about things they're aware of.

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They're looking into some mini-updates and hot fixes that are going live. It's definitely improved, and I hope that trend continues. After all, the developers are back from their holiday break. If you're not going to be there long-term going forward, you have people in office to fix things if things do end up breaking, which at this point we can assume at least something will be right, so I'd expect a lot more major updates.

There are a lot more big gameplay changes to happen once we are, you know, into January in that gap period with the start of season two. We don't need a Krampus V2 situation or a DMR Zone V2 situation going on right now, so I'm really hoping we start to see more unique content that is a big concern; hopefully I've conveyed that enough in this article.

Also in the New Year, we should start to see some big updates between all modes in terms of, you know, gauging. community feedback and responding to that with changes that are both bright and somewhat concerning at the same time, depending on what you want to focus on specifically. All that being said, that's going to wrap things up for this one.

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