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Armor, Satchel is here. Back at it, back at you, bad guy down, bad guys, lots of them balloon up barracks that way bomb drones deployed breach your drone out. Bring it on; buy me back. Buy a station right here, Calling in some smoke Captain's Quarters cargo Hilo, inbound cashier, changing mags Check for fire friends in the area.

Citadel sided Citadel's got a commander C Scrambler out C station marked we got a Comm system there component on me crowbar would be useful to defend the objective and diffuse the objective. Butterflies. Deploying cover; deploying decoy; deploying portable radar; deploying Sam Turret's deployed wheelson; destroying the target; doing better.

Don't die on me; don't get bit; don't let them scratch you down to me. Drill's here, drone swarm; it's one of ours. Drop-point set Drop zone marked, send it, drop them, and drop them for good. dropping a decon station here. dropping medical supplies and dropping some armor to eliminate the target Target's marked enemy's black sight enemy deploying IMS, enemy down, enemy drone swarm in sight enemy has a UAV tower; enemy J Recon is down; enemy J Recon is nearby.


Watch your corner. enemy, Juggernaut, destroy, and enemy kill streak is active enemy lethal here. Enemy-marked enemy movement in the AO enemy tactical gear here. The enemy vehicle, Xville, is coming our way. Xville hatches Xville that way. Extract the balloon over here. The extraction balloon is here.

Eyes on the enemy Convoy eyes on the resistance, eyes up, enemy recon overhead, eyes up—that's a captain's fear of a dangerous field upgrade here. Fight the dead. Fear the living. found a battle rifle found a contract, found a hard drive, and found a hidden container-friendly EMP inbound, Get to the LZ and get close to a support fill.

Give me that going-dark good job; I got a contract here. got a dead drop Locker here, I got a defib if we need it, got a safe here, got a stash here, got a tracker on you? Got armor here? got enemies here. got eyes on a weapon, got eyes on an enemy stronghold, got eyes on the objective, got it, got loot here, got recon here, got us a decon station, got your six, got to be close to earning a combat xfill Guardian activated guarding this location.

rick and michonne

Goog repeat is marked as hacking the device. Watch my back-to-head shot. The herd's coming. Here's a black spot. Hey, crowbar, Hostile eliminated, hostile equipment destroyed, Hostile located, hostile spotted. I can fly; I got a tracker on me; I got eyes on a defuse kit; I got eyes on the stage; I got you; I got your back.

I have a portable PC. I miss my sword. I need a field upgrade. I need a kill streak. I need a revival. I need a weapon. I need air support. Now I need a launcher. I need medical I need shotgun shells. I owe you one. I see an ATM. I won't forget this. I'll drive i'll tag along. I'll take the point.

I'll take the gun. I'm all that's left. Back on my feet. I'm down i'm good i've been hit hard. I'm low on ammo; I'm shown IMS is out of fill. Point selected Intel here I've got your six Js. Recon Online, just doing my job, kill streak marked large caliber here, lethal equipment here. Lethal is going out.

rick grimes

Lethal's here lethal's hot let's do this. Let's get the cargo to the LZ. Let's get to work. Let's see what you know. LMG rounds here. loading fresh mag load out, drop inbound loitering munition deployed looks like a full garage, looks like a vault code Loot cash-marked looting here. low on ammo LZ marked Get ready to jump.

Marking extraction points, marking self-revive. Marking shotgun shells, mortar reports, and incoming mosquitoes active moves on the target, moving. Moving to my mark, my location name's Michonne. I need a juggernaut recon. I need an MGB payload. I need armor. I need large caliber rounds. I need lethals.

I need midcal rounds. I need pistol rounds. I need a recon at my location. I need some cash. I need support at this location. I need tacticals, a negative nice one, and no more tracker. I'm not sure what's going on around here. Let's check not today, Objective located Let's move on to me on our way to Logistics Xville.

the walking dead

Ah, check your fire. I'm hit sniper, get down; sniper on me; taking fire; they got me. Ah, we're on the same side. People with nothing to hide don't usually feel the need to say so. Planting cluster mine portable byy station deployed quiet radio He is here, rallying. Recon drones are active. Recon Xville should be coming soon.

Remote turbine deployed repair tool here. Request a counter-UAV return with the objective wreck riot shield here. Rockets here Roger that Sam site marked scratch that secure the device secure the objective sentry gun deployed setting Claymore setting mine settled that score small caliper rounds here some bullies you can live with, others.

Nah, you got to fight, spotted a deployed balloon, spotted a hacking device, spotted some Intel Let's find our warlord. Stash House nearby strategy xfill is nearly there; swarm is active switching mags. switching to AP rounds tack grenade marked tactical cameras up tactical out tacticals marked take cover The target area was marked.


You're cleared target-sighted, thanks; that thing's not going anywhere. Now that's how it's been done; that's more like it; that's our field upgrade. The enemy controls a Sam site; there's a warlord case over there; this area's been looted; this kill streaks one of ours; this one's wounded this time; stay dead.

Took that out of commission tossing tactical tossing Thermo tracked her out, tracking the hostile trophy system online. UAV Tower is located at the upload station here. Using a stem, the device covers me. Vault strongholds marked the vehicle very nicely. Visual on the xville bird; visual on their leader Walker down walkers; Walkers ahead wall Vault ahead, watch out that vehicle's going up, watching here, we could use you on our side, we got dead ones, we have to choose to be the good guys weapon over here, weapons Locker is close by.

Well, all right, then we're the ones who live; you're not dying here. ACS is out activating Doos, activating suppression mine here, and activating enemy field upgrades. Aim for the head Ammo Depot here, Ammo. Ammo is almost dry; anger makes you stupid; stupidity gets you killed. Army stronghold

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