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Affirmative, you better watch out, air drop marked air strike tablet here air strike up for grabs air support kill streak here air support here ammo box here Ammo Depot here ammo. Here another squad is on us anyone got midcal rounds AP rounds marked are you kidding me seriously armor box down armor box here armor box over here armor plates here armor pouch marked Armory doors ahead Armory stronghold marked assault rifle marked attack Target Alpha attack Target Delta attack the objective, attacking on my mark ATV marked Back at It Soldier back in Action back on my feet I'm good bag delete hostile balloon here balloons up Barracks that way battle rage here bike marked boat on my mark bomb drone deployed bomb drone deployed bounty hunt contract available breach your drone out bring back the objective bu station marked ready to deploy bu station right here C4.

C4 gets back to calling in a counter UAV, calling in some smoke, and canceling my last captain's quarters. Capture the device car marked, careful enemy lethals here careful it's going to blow careful this area has been looted cargo Hilo inbound, changing mags check fire friendlies in the area check your fire Citadel sighted citadel's got a commander cluster mine deployed cluster mine destroyed come and get me come in Fang, we need a ride Comm Scrambler here Comm Scrambler out Comm station marked Comm system there component on me confirmed warlord Legacy contract phone here copy buy station copy extraction balloon, copy Eyes On Target Copy eyes on the stash copy eyes on the stronghold.

laswell operator

Copy eyes on the upload station copy fog of War contract, copy I see them copy I see it copy I see the loot cache copy I see the Target Copy save me the armor copy that heading to ATM copy that I see the vehicle copy visual on the xville Hilo copy visual on the load out copy visual on the safe copy visual on the Sam site copy Cy visual on the UAV Tower copy Vis on redeploy drone copy warlord cited corpse removed could definitely use that could use a weapon could use some shotgun shells Counter UAV destroyed.

Counter UAV destroyed Counter UAV here cover deployed crowbar would be useful DS marked dead center dead hostile here Dead one neutralized. Dead Silence marked decoy mine here decoy mine set decoy. Out defend the ground station contract identified. Defend the objective, diffuse the objective, deliver the cargo contract here, deploy the deployable cover here, and deploy butterflies.

laswell operator voicelines

Deploying cover deploying decoy deploying healing Aura deploying portable radar deploying Sam turret deploying wheelson destroy the objective destroyed a suppression mine destroyed a attack insert destroyed their ammo box destroyed their armor box destroyed their drone dg2 here doabe has been located don't die on us now don't with my team drill charge get back drill charge incoming, drill's here drone swarm here drone swarm it's one of ours Drop Zone marked send it dropped them dropping a Decon station here dropping ammo dropping armor dropping Med supplies Dy marked air drop inbound DZ set standby to deploy easy this will get you right elimination contract marked elimination Target marked enemy spotted enemy ACS spotted enemy Advanced UAV marked enemy air strike get down enemy air support active in the AO enemy armor box spotted enemy armored boat here enemy ATV down enemy ATV here enemy bike marked enemy bird down enemy black site enemy boat marked, enemy butterfly spotted enemy camera destroyed enemy car marked enemy Chopper marked enemy Counter UAV, enemy covers down enemy decoys down enemy deploying IMS.

laswell voicelines

Enemy dog tag here enemy drone destroyed enemy drone swarm in sight enemy Kia, enemy field upgrade spotted enemy Guardian down enemy Guardian spotted enemy gunship destroyed enemy has the UAV Tower enemy Hilo destroyed enemy Hilo destroyed enemy IMS destroyed enemy IMS spotted enemy jltv. Destroyed enemy jltv here enemy J Recon is down enemy J Recon nearby watch your Corners enemy J Recon spotted enemy Kia, enemy killstreak, enemy kill streak is active enemy loiters spotted enemy marked enemy Medbox marked enemy Medbox offline, enemy mines are out enemy mosquito drone enemy mosquito offline enemy movement in the AO enemy Recon drone is down enemy Recon marked enemy remote turret nearby enemy remote turret offline, enemy riot shield marked enemy s turret spotted enemy Sentry down enemy SUV marked enemy tack Rover enemy tack insert destroyed, enemy tacticals marked enemy tank destroyed enemy tank is down enemy tank marked enemy tracker enemy transport bird marked enemy transport heo destroyed enemy trophy system active enemy trophies down enemy truck enemy truck destroyed enemy UAV down enemy UAV marked, enemy vehicle, enemy wake Runner is down enemy wake Runner marked enemy wheelson destroyed energy mine going out engage Target Bravo engage Target Charlie escort ACV contract spotted, excellent work xville coming our way xville hatch xville that way extract balloon over here eyes High enemy Recon overhead eyes on a defibrillator.

modern warfare laswell

Eyes on a redeploy drone; eyes on a warlord; eyes on an ATM; eyes on an enemy vehicle. Eyes on enemy breacher eyes on enemy Convoy, eyes on raid weapon stash contract eyes on the device eyes on Ursa fading fast flash grenade flash incoming, flash out flashbang over here Follow My Lead found a battle rifle found a Decon station found a field upgrade, found a hidden container found a juggernaut crate found a juggernaut Recon found a launcher found a mosquito drone found a mystery box found a pistol found a redeploy pack found a Sentry here found a sport control contract found a stem found a t tank we can use found a Tracker grenade found a UAV found a vehicle found an air strike found an EMP, found an SAE strike found loitering munition found shotgun shells here found some armor here found some cash found some medical found their sniper frag out friendly ACS here friendly active Recon drone friendly airdrop is overhead, friendly ammo box here friendly armor box here friendly breacher in sight friendly EMP inbound friendly field upgrade is active friendly IMS here friendly lethals here friendly Medbox here friendly mines here friendly mosquito nearby friendly Recon is active friendly remote turret up friendly tacticals here Frost blast activated, fully functional.

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