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foreign, six. Update for Modern Warfare 2 is here, and with this there was some weapon balancing, which I'm going to be covering in tomorrow's article, but on top of that, we also saw a brand new trigger for the Lockwood 300, so we're going to be covering that in great detail today, and on top of this, the patch notes acknowledge the UAV bug once again and acknowledge the fact that it was taking place on some maps, and they stated that it was fixed, but it turns out that wasn't actually the case, so let's dive right into this and let's start off with that UAV bug.

Uav bug actually fixed?

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Just a quick recap of this bug This has been present since the launch of season four, so it's been around for about three and a half months at this point, and with it on some maps, when you have a UAV in the air, enemy locations will be revealed in real time for a short period of time between sweeps, of your UAV rather, than what's supposed to happen with a UAV, which is when it sweeps, it's supposed to ping your static location in.

In that given moment, without ever following the player, you should never really see those dots moving, unless they're moving and firing an unsuppressed gun. So this has made the ghost perk a complete crutch, at least on these maps that were broken, and here's a breakdown that I did of all the maps and which ones are bugged and which ones aren't bugged when it comes to this, or at least which ones are bugged worse than the others.

For some of the ones on the left, there is still a slight amount of follow-up on the enemy character, but not enough that it really matters that much. But with this, it's a pretty serious issue because now people can track exactly where you are in real time for short periods of time, and that can give them a lot more information than the UAV is supposed to be providing for you, which again makes ghosts essential.

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On many of the maps in the game, in season 6, they mentioned in the patch notes that they fixed an issue where the UAV killstreak pings enemy locations in between scans on some multiplayer maps, so it appeared that they were aware of this bug and they were aware of the fact that it's only appearing on some maps, which is nice to see that they're apparently gaining some understanding of the bug.

However, when the update came out, I got mixed results. The first map that I got into and tested was on Mercado Las Almas, and this map was one of the worst for this bug. Location would be tracked for quite some time in real time when a UAV sweeps, and I was really happy to see that on Mercado today the UAV bug was actually fixed on this map, and it's now working as intended.

you see every time it sweeps you see the location of that enemy in that moment, but it doesn't follow them at all. So that was looking pretty promising, but I have been burned on this in the past. I've just tested a couple maps and thought the UAV bug was fixed, but then it turned out it was only fixed on some maps, so I booted up another game, and this time we got on Vondel Waterfront, which again is one of those maps where the UAV bug was very present before these updates and, unfortunately, this.

Is it working exactly the same as pre-patch, enemy? Dots are still moving for a brief period of time, and therefore this confirms that this bug was not fully fixed, so that's really unfortunate today. I just wanted to give you an update: some maps have been fixed. Some maps haven't been fixed, apparently based on this brief testing.

So you know when you have to use the ghost perk and when you don't really need to use the ghost perk, but that's not going to fit within the scope of this article. I just wanted to do the basic testing to see if it was in fact fixed, and unfortunately, it only seems like it was partially fixed.

New dual trigger for lockwood 300

New dual trigger for lockwood 300

Now, let's move on to the brand new trigger for the Lockwood 300 shotgun. With this trigger, it fires both barrels at the same time, but it also has some cons attached to it.

We have reduced magazine ammo capacity and increased damage range. Recoil, and then, of course, you have to fire both shells at once; you can't just fire one or the other. Effectively reduces our fire rate or our ability to get a second shot off faster, and let's start this off with our one-shot kill potential to see if this has an impact now with this testing.

I did use the Bryson choke just to make sure we're getting a nice, tight pallet spread. I use it in both cases, and, as we can see here, while aiming down sight for the tightest possible pellet spread and aiming Center Mass but not for a headshot. Her one-shot kill potential with this trigger is about 13 meters, whereas when we take this trigger off, we actually get a slightly better one-shot kill potential at about 14 and a half meters.


So, that's interesting to note. You would think that firing both barrels at once would end up giving us better one-shot kill potential, but that's not actually the case. What this does is significantly improve our consistency and our ability to get essentially a guaranteed one-shot kill, even if we're not nicely centered on the target.

We don't hit too many pellets on target, and with this without the dual trigger, just the standard Lockwood, when we're aiming pretty far off the target here, making sure we're not hitting a headshot, we're only going to be getting a consistent one-shot kill here if we're about 6 meters from our target or less.


Anything more than that, and you're likely to get a hit marker in this case. With the new trigger on this, we see a lot more consistency and, we're almost guaranteed, a one-shot kill as long as we can hit a pellet out to around nine and a half meters, so that's a very noticeable increase to that range, and what this means is that if you are using this trigger, you typically want to have the widest possible hip fire spread; you don't want a tight pellet spread; you just want to be able to hit pellets, and when you build the gun like this, for instance, with the shortest possible barrel, it's going to be that much easier to hit and kill your targets as long as you can get within that nine and a half meters or so, overall damage wise.

I think this is actually a nice trade-off. Here, you do lose a little bit of your one-shot kill potential for a really precise shot on target, but in giving that up, you gain way more consistency when you get into those closer range situations, and I do think that's a fair trade-off, especially when you combine it with the fact that our effective fire rates are now only 27 rounds per minute.

Season 6 of Modern Warfare II came with a brand new and unique trigger attachment for the Lockwood 300 as well as an apparent fix to the UAV bug that's plagued the game since Season 4 so today we're going to put both of these items to the test.
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