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We were talking about my best-ranked play setups, and many people noticed I was putting the high-velocity rounds on my Tac 56 class setups, and this had a lot of people confused because within the 6v6 maps in this game, you're typically not getting really long-range gunfights, and the base bullet velocity on assault rifles is pretty good.

Plus, for ranked play. This is a huge question I've been getting since I uploaded that article, and since then. I've actually gone in and done some testing, and I've found some pretty surprising results that I want to share with you guys.

Why hv ammo should be great in theory

Why hv ammo should be great in theory

But, before we get into those results of the actual in-game testing, obviously, we're just talking about this in theory or on paper. The higher your bullet velocity gets, the sooner your bullet is going to hit the target, and therefore, the better your hit detection is going to feel. And technically, if you're in a really close gunfight, your bullet arriving a little bit sooner may make the difference between winning or losing that gunfight.

We're talking extremely There are small margins that would only come into play in very rare instances, but still, your bullet will get there faster. Additionally, when it comes to high-velocity rounds, they do hurt our damage range but only vary slightly. It turns out this is only a three percent reduction to your damage range, which is going to change our maximum damage range, for instance, by less than a meter with attack 56, and, therefore, it's a fairly negligible downside for an upside that at least in theory should be helping you out in any mid- to long-range gunfight at least to some degree, even if it just makes your hit detection feel very slightly better. It's worth this tiny range reduction, and that's the explanation I've been giving people because, in theory, like I said, that just all makes sense to me.

Testing methodology

Testing methodology

I went in and did some testing at 120 FPS in multiple range increments with different configuration iterations of the TAC 56. That's what I'm going to focus on here since this is primarily designed for those ranked or competitive players out there, and let's have a look at my findings.

I tested three different setups here: the base Tac 56 with no attachments that impact velocity at all, so we have a 590 meter per second bullet velocity; then. I had a setup with just that Tundra barrel, which improved our bullet velocity up to 664 meters per second, but there were no high velocity rounds put on this on top of that; and finally, we have a combination of that Tundra barrel and high velocity rounds for a total bullet velocity of 957 meters per second for each of these tests.

20m tests

I fired 10 rounds and then took the average of how long it took for a hit marker to appear on the screen after firing the shot at 20 meters with the first setup; it took 50 milliseconds on average for that bullet to hit; with just the tundra barrel, it took an average of 45 milliseconds for that bullet to hit; and with the combination of the tundra and high velocity rounds, it also took 45 milliseconds on average for that bullet to hit, so at 20 meters. There is a very slight improvement by increasing your bullet velocity, although there's no extra improvement for combining the barrel with high-velocity rounds, and honestly, a five-millisecond difference isn't going to be noticeable at.

40m tests

40m tests

All but then let's have a look at 40 meters, and once again with no velocity attachments on here, it took an average of 50 milliseconds for that bullet to hit, so surprisingly no change from the 20-meter range with the tundra, it's now taking 49 milliseconds on average for that to hit, and then with the combination, an average of 50 milliseconds.

So effectively speaking, they're all the same here at 40 meters. There's no apparent benefit to using higher velocity rounds at this range with this gun.

60m tests

Now when we move back even further to our 60-meter range, this is where the differences really start to come out, and it's worth noting that at least with most of the maps in this game, it's pretty rare to get a gunfight at 60 meters or beyond in a practical line of sight that you would actually be using on a regular basis.

In either case, let's get into the results here with the base gun without velocity, rounds, and ammunition. rounds On average, it was taking about a hundred milliseconds for that bullet to register, so now we've doubled the amount of time to get there even though we didn't double the distance then.

With the tundra, we actually got a slightly better result than at 40 meters, which was surprising. It took on average 44 milliseconds for the bullet to hit, and with the combination of the best bullet velocity possible here, it took an average of 57 milliseconds for that bullet to hit. That definitely seems to be backwards; you would think the higher the velocity, the lower the number, but at least in this particular situation, that's not the case, and again, this wasn't just a one-off test or anything; this is looking at averages.

On average, using the Tundra Barrel meant that my bullets arrived slightly sooner than when combining the Tundra Barrel with high-velocity rounds. It's not a massive difference, but it's enough of a difference that it's worth mentioning.

80m tests

80m tests

Here now, finally, I did want to take it one step further just to see a really extreme example at 80 meters. At this point, you would be extremely hard-pressed, even if you were actively trying you'd be super hard-pressed to find a practical line of sight that's 80 meters long in this game, but I did want to test this anyway just to see what that extreme looks like, and for the base setup it once again took around 100 milliseconds.

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For that shot to register, then, with just the tundra barrel equipped, it's now taking you on average about 100 milliseconds as well, so the same as the base gun, and it seems like you lose that bullet velocity benefit once you start to get to this extreme, and then finally, with that combination of attachments, this is where we see the real benefit of this, and our bullets were arriving on average 52 milliseconds later, and at least this time that's actually something you would expect to see the combination with the maximum bullet velocity is giving you a very noticeable benefit in this more extreme scenario at 80 meters.

In Modern Warfare II, especially in rankedcompetitive play, High Velocity Ammo is often considered a must-have attachment whenever it's available and today I wanted to put this to the test to see how much it actually helps in practical terms.
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