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City [__]] This is my [__] welcome to the city of God. Pop was the King of New York. Now that I'm the [__]] in charge, only Trill, the city is found out. We pick them apart. I give him my time, so I give him my heart. The city loves me like a brilliant star. New York City, please go easy tonight.

New York City, please always be on This heart of mine, I'm loing my arms, of New York City, please, go yeah, look, this is the city of money and balance. Everything we do is going to come with a challenge. Every [__]] you [__]] going to come with a balance. Every shooter with me is coming in silence, and you [__] better pick a side.

On your side, if I want them to not let you come into the city, that's my option. This is the home of the Fly Shoe. This is where [__] is going to watch pockets when I'm on TV. I got to look good because I know the whole block watching you chill with the OP is not if I see him in person. We Fox police as we not stop police as we not stop this the time big drift smoo, talky dance Walk; you will not be too.

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It's been a long time since we took a new Ro shot, so until we got a new call, we stopped and let it cool. New York City, please go easy on me tonight. New York City, please this heart of mine; I'm losing my L to another; no, I'm sitting; please go on. We went off the grid, we watched St., we took it, and we went viral on them.

They were looking for a sunny service in Brooklyn; it's a city that comes with the lights. I'm with the Drillers that come with the night; they ain't done 4 years of college, but they'll do 25 to life. We make money every night; it's never too big of a price. After I buy the Chicago boys, I'm going to link with M, and if I let him have my wife, [__] should thank me.

With this balenciag and balen boo in a new blue Yankee, this is Ja so focused throwing a mask. No, I'm going to turn your life into a meme. Let Justin Le Boy post it. You have an album. Postpone it i do two, and they both go. I got a feeling that they were filming the show but wouldn't show it.

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You have to watch me in slow motion. I'm in widebody B. I go back to college, do an album, and then drop out again. It took me a minute to get here; my vision is crystal clear, A5. Excuse me, but this is a feature of the year. I feel like sin in these streets. Me and Drizzy are at peace with this backpack, the polo, and the first Jesus Piece.

I'm from the shop, and I'm always in New York City. They treat me like Jesus walking. I've been through the pain and all of the torment. I said his name. I'm making a p. Now it's time to give him hell. Ask my staff. I pay well. This afternoon, 100 goons pulled up the SNL, and when I pulled up, dead onal, they acted like they loved you.

They don't even like you. They throw a party. They won't even invite you. I've seen the same thing happen to Michael. You black Rich, they say you cycle. It's like a cycle: if you text me anything hype, you better text back and say it's a typo. The city of gods—no city is like you; it's the New York.

Yeah, the goat fa is viral, and this is the Bible for me tonight.

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