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all the best xp glitches in the haunting season 6 broken xp glitch weapon xprank

You've got all the best glitches and SL methods to get unlimited XP. This right here will get you guys prepared for MW3, because you guys can use your MW2 weapons in MW3, and if you get the max rank, you're going to be ahead of everybody in the game, so do these glitches. Max your weapons out in no time and get yourself a head start in MW3.

As you can see, there is a double XP event this week, so there's no better time to get your XP than now. The first one I'm going to get into is going to lock down, make sure you have a decoy on your class, then take the decoy and simply chuck it towards a group of enemies. Now you will get 1, 000 XP because there is double XP on right now, so you're getting double, and now you want to loot, and then you're going to get some munition boxes or haunted boxes.

It doesn't matter which one you get; they both will give you the decoy again, but you want to Simply throw down the munition box or haunted box, pick up the stuff, get a decoy, and then throw another decoy near a group of enemies. Keep on doing this non-stop; you're going to be getting 1, 000 XP. So quick and easy.

best xp glitch

And now here's the glitch part. You need to get a buddy to turn this into an OP glitch. Then you want to simply find one munition box and a SX. Want to throw the seex? Throw the munition box. Get down, and you will see that you'll still throw the munition box. Even though you're down at this point, you will still have an actual munition box on your field upgrade, and once you have duplicated the munition box, you guys can refill your decoys and throw decoys.

Then rinse and repeat this. I don't show you guys this in lockdown, but it does work, of course, and you would just do the same thing, and you'll be able to spam decoys without finding any more munition boxes. You can use this one munition box to spam those decoys in lockdown mode and get unlimited XP.

Now, when your friend revives you each time, you're going to be getting weapon XP. So this is also, you know, a way you guys can get weapon XP. If you do it this way, if you don't do it this way, then you're not going to get weapon XP. It's just going to be rank XP, so yeah, keep that in mind, and now do this until you get to the end of the game, and if you see any score streaks from looting, simply activate them.

the haunting unlimited xp glitch

You know, cluster strikes. I think that's what it's called. Just activate them. You're going to get an extra 10,000 XP. Now that you want to go into the regular Battle Royale map, you want to do as many Intel contracts as possible, or as many safe cracker contracts as you can; those will give you an absurd amount of XP, literally just around 5, 000.

This is going to give you weapon XP as well as rank XP now that you're done looting. You want to go to a buying station and simply buy armor plates. That's something that gives you a ton of XP as well, so with all of those things combined, you're going to be walking away with an easy Max weapon in the matter of just 10 minutes.

unlimited xp glitch in

Do this to rank up all those weapons for MW3. Now let's move on to another glitch, which is on DMZ. This one you probably don't know, and all you want to do is head into Vond Del, then go to this part of the map where there are vending machines. You want to simply shoot or melee the vending machines that's going to drop you 500 to 2, 000 in cash with 25, actually 50 XP per machine because it is double XP, and if you want to take this certain route, you need to go to each vending machine, do this, and just go in these circles.

warzone best battle pass xp glitch

I'm speeding it up for you guys two times so you guys can see exactly where to go, and it's really easy to do this, and you probably won't run into too many players trying to kill you because I don't really see how many people like going to this location. And yeah so you should be fine but be careful for the PVP or that head hunt now once you're done collecting as much cash as possible you want to head to a buy station and then spam by armor plates then repeat and do this nonstop, and you will get a lot of XP by the end of this you're going to be looking at easy Max ranks for your weapons there's that and now another way to get amazing XP is by just going into DMZ and running over NPCs, that's it you want to make sure that you have the weapon that you want to rank up in your hands when you're in the vehicle but just run them over and you're just going to get so much xp it is crazy easily rank up your weapons also if you just go to new pois.

You know, if you use a smaller map like Von Del or Shaki Island, you'll get to the point faster, so you get even more XP, but just do that for a lot of XP, so that's going to be all of the best XP Glitches SL methods, and with this, like I said, you're going to be prepared for MW3 because the MW2 weapons are transferring to MWS.

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