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How common are the schematics? Well, I took the time to complete 50 contracts in Threat Level 1 and then record everything in a spreadsheet—all of my rewards, all of my times—and find out the real cold art facts. No more guessing; let's take a look at the numbers. My methodology was pretty simple.

I simply spawned into a game and got as many contracts done in Tier One as possible. I then reviewed the footage and recorded the time where I picked up and accepted the contract all the way to where the XP popped up on my screen. recorded that time, found out the total time it took for me to complete the contract, and then I would take note of all of the rewards in order, and I made sure to take note of the dates that I did these tests on because it took me a little bit of time, but all of these games were played in season 1, and of course you don't need to tell me. I understand that even though it's 50 contracts, that's still statistically not a great number, but I think it was enough to get some really interesting results, so let's.

Total rewards & rewards per contract

Total rewards & rewards per contract

Take a look at what I found. Take a look at this beautiful spreadsheet. Over the course of these 50 contracts, we got a total of 68 rewards, which comes out to 1.36 rewards per contract.

I don't want to spoil anything for the Tier 2 and Tier 3 rewards, but this is a very different number depending on what Threat Level you're on, but Threat Level One is very common to just get one reward, and that's it.

Solo self revive

The next thing to note is that for every single game that you play solo, the very first contract that you do solo will give you a self-revive, so those self-revives might change these numbers.

Just a little bit of a side note: you see those red numbers for the pickup time and finish time; they're red because those were the times where the main match was over and the ether storm was expanding. For example, in the Outlast contract, the number 11 contract, I started when there was only 1 minute and 25 until the ether storm expanded, and then I finished it when it was 1357.

When the ether storm is expanding, hopefully.

Threat level 1 total rewards

That makes sense now that this spreadsheet is a little hard to look at, so let's go over to this fancy graph and show you all of these 68 rewards. You can see that the majority of these contracts, close to a third of them, were perk cans. Then we got 10 ammo mods, 10 green ether tools, four blue ether tools, and one purple ether tool, which is crazy.

Then we got a whopping nine pack-one crystals—that is so much more than I would have guessed. Of course, we have those skewed results with those six self-revivals. I believe this tier one took me five games, so really, that's only one random self-revive, one blue kill streak, one medium rucksack, and one Casmir SL monkey, and yes, this is going to be the most controversial take of them all.

Reward likelihood per contract

Reward likelihood per contract

We got a whopping five schematics out of 50 contracts, which is one schematic every 10 contracts, and we could easily find out the percentage per contract that you will get these rewards. In other words, what's the likelihood that you're going to get a perk can or an AMOM mod per contract? Here in Threat Level one per can, you're going to get 40% of the time AMOM mods.

20% of the time, green tools, another 20% of the time pack, and one crystal 18% of the time, self-revivals are, of course, skewed, so it's 12%, but realistically, it's probably 2%. 10% of the time, and then blue tools 8% of the time, and then all the other stuff. 2% of the time, that number is based on the contract, so what's the likelihood that if you complete this contract, you're going to get this reward ?.

Reward likelihood per reward

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However, instead of taking it per contract, I also have the statistics per reward, so out of all of the rewards that we got, what is the percentage that we're going to get all of these things? And so that's what this looks like; like we said, nearly 30% of these guys are perk cans. 15% of these rewards are ammo mods and green ether tools, compared to 133%.

Of these are Pack-a-Punch. One crystal, 9%, self-revives. 7% of all of these rewards are schematics. 6% being blue tools, and then all of the rest having about a 1% chance Now this chart is going to be the one where the self-revivals being guaranteed for solo players have the biggest effect because it is going to skew the results because we're guaranteeing ourselves some items.

It's a larger loot pool, which means that these percentages are actually a little bit lower than what their true percentages might be, but then again, that depends on how many contracts you do per game and how efficient you are in completing contracts. So I decided, you know what, let's just leave it there.


It's a good average pace for the game. If a bar graph isn't your cup of tea, or if you prefer a pie chart, then here you go. It looks like a pie chart. So over the course of these 50 contracts, the top five rewards that we get based on the quantity of rewards that we got coming in at number one are perk cans.

Number two is going to be a tie between ammo mods and green tools. Number three or four, depending on how you're counting, are Pack-A-Punch One crystals, and then self-revivals, but if you're not counting self-revivals, that means the fourth most common item or the fifth most common item is schematics. And then, of course, blue tools, which are data and statistics that I would have never guessed before even doing this test.


What's also interesting about the schematics is what schematics we actually got. I got a Deadshot recipe for brain rot formula. Deadshot recip recipe again, so that's one duplicate.

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Then I got the stamina-up recipe and the Napal burst formula, which is interesting. Because there are only five schematics in Tier 1, over the course of 50 contracts, we got four of them. Whether or not that's my great luck coming into play or not, I don't know, but it's something worth noting. But now that we can ask ourselves some pretty fun questions.

I have always wondered if there is anything tying better rewards to faster completion times or if there are better rewards for different types of contracts.

Fastest contracts

So let's go back to my beautiful spreadsheet and then sort these contracts by how fast I completed them. First things first, you can clearly tell which contracts are the fastest of all of these HVTs.

honestly probably skewed a little bit because I was going in with probably a legendary ether tool and a pack one Crystal or a pack two Crystal just because I had the schematics and you know I wanted to use them, but you can easily see hvts. Cargo delivery contracts are the fastest contracts to complete, at least for me in Tier 1.

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